Blue Skunk Live Sugar Sauce Infused King Palm - High Level Health

The Blue Skunk Live Sugar Sauce Infused King Palm is our newest and most exciting product we have developed at High Level Health. The King Palm is an awesome natural wrap that gives you a slow burning quality smoke. We paired it with our award-winning Blue Skunk flower and infused it with Live Blue Skunk Sugar Sauce. This provides a full flavor experience of blueberry muffins with a great earthy funk.

Brookie’s Cookies Gold Mine Pre-Roll - Colorado Seed Inc.

Introducing the new “Gold Mine” pre-roll, the first release of a new solventless line! Featuring a new Colorado Seed Inc. bred cultivar, Brookie’s Cookies, alongside a Cherry Lime Haze bubble hash! The flower brings the wholesome body high and the hash packs a punch of potency. This combo has some serious haze terpenes for the concentrate lovers and is exactly what you need on your next adventure. Gold Mine pre-rolls are available at Helping Hands in Boulder or the Bud Depot in Lyons!

Energize Distillate Infused Preroll - Green Treets

Premium bud from our award winning garden laced with our signature Energize infused distillate. The perfect amount of smoke for getting through the day!

Escape Artists Live Resin Infused Joint (Sativa) - Escape Artists

Crafted to replicate that “perfect smoking experience” whenever, wherever! Our Infused Live Resin Joints are carefully made with the best, hand selected material and to prove this, we have chosen to collaborate with our friends at Harmony Extracts and OG Medicinals!

Kush Mountain - The Chronic Factory

Kush Mountain 3 gram kief infused blunts are hand rolled with a hemp wrap. Kush Mountain is our signature blend of Mountain Thunder flower infused with Durban Kush Kief. Mountain Thunder is stimulating sativa-dominant strain that offers tamed euphoria. When combined with Durban Kush kief it creates a Sativa super-blend perfect for anyone looking to spark creativity or the motivation to get outside. With THC levels testing out at records of 25-27% these blunts are for experienced users. 

Slow Burn joint/Wedding Cake - Stratos

Slow Burn joints from Stratos burn four times slower compared to the average joint. By making one gram joints using flower (rather than trim) and infusing full spectrum (CO2 extracted) oil from the same or a similar strain, the hand-rolled joints burn slow and even.

Strawberry Diesel with Golden Goat Bubble Hash - DADiRRi

Top Shelf Strawberry Diesel flower, infused with potent 90% distillate, and coated in flavorful Golden Goat bubble hash. This Caviar SunRock joint has the perfect sweet, fruity, and spicy flavor combination. The balanced effect of the Strawberry Diesel strain mixed with the awakening effects of the Golden Goat Sativa offer a perfect euphoria. Both a head and body high!

Fire 3 Ring Caviar Cone/Inferno Caviar - Peak

Fire 3 Ring is made with premium flower, 3 raw oil and dry sift kief rings. Inferno has premium flower, raw oil and dry sift kief. Hand-crafted with over a hour burn time.

Capn Kush Berries Hybrid Rosin Gem - Locol Love

Starting with a half gram of premium flower, you paint your nug with solventless hash oil. It is then rolled in specifically reserved dry sift to form... The Rosin Gem.  A sweet citrus scent for your top notes, followed by a smooth, creamy heart note, ending on a light piney or mentholated aroma.

Skunk Island OG SunRock Caviar - DADiRRi

Top shelf flower, soaked in potent distillate, and rolled in flavorful and solventless bubble hash.  The tropical citrus, skunky smell of the Skunk Island OG strain takes over the room! At 65.29% THC, this SunRock hits hard and encourages a good mood and a perky, upbeat high.

Bubba Kush Platinum Roll - XG Platinum

Platinum rolls are made with 1 gram of premium cannabis, finely ground and infused with highly potent Co2 oil and kief.

Sugar Cone - The Green Solution

Sunset Sherbet Live Resin Oil, Sunset Sherbet Trichomes from Fresh Frozen (Shook same day), Sunset Sherbet Preroll Flower.

Peanut Butter Breath Live Caviar - Newt Brothers Artisanal

Our Golden Newt Caviar starts with our meticulously cultivated flower from our clean room facility. Hand selected nugs are perfectly cured and dressed with our finest micron dry-sift kief and then smothered in our in-house live concentrate. The result is a high potency concentrate with a huge flavor that captivates cannabis connoisseurs.

Kush Biscuits Infused Pre-Roll - Eureka Vapor

This infused pre-roll is really a treat. With each one being hand stuffed in house you are guaranteed a smooth and even smoke all the way through. The top-shelf cannabis in this joint, paired with our award winning oil is sure to leave you wanting more. Relax with this indica-dominant hybrid, leave all your worries behind, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Dazed and Confused - Mighty Tree

This Mighty Tree Freeze roll is a combination of Outlaw State of Mind flower combined with Blackberry Octane bubble hash and is made with 100% Mighty Tree product grown in house.

Glueball x Memberberry - Fire & Ice - Hash Infused Palm Mini Blunt - Nokhu Labs

4:1 Ratio of flower (glueball) to water hash (memberberry) in a cordia palm leaf mini blunt.  Uses a corn husk filter.  Allow to sit out/dry if difficult to light.

Chemmy Jones Infused Flower - The Greenery Hash Factory

The Infused Flower, commonly referred to as Caviar, is a trifecta of potency. The THC Classic Infused Flower starts with a bud of Chemmy Jones that’s then generously coated with heated distillate; we never thin our distillate with ethanol to make it viscus. The coated bud is then battered with high-testing kief to finish the final step on our infused flower.

Chemmy Jones Hash Joint - The Greenery Hash Factory

The Hash Joint is filled with a 50/50 blend of strain specific flower and solventless hash in a one-gram pre-roll. The THC Classic Hash Joint is rolled with Chemmy Jones, a potent sativa derived from a cross between Chemdawg D and Casey Jones, and the hash is decadent and dark for that perfect solventless infused-joint smoke and high.

Rocky Mountain Black Fire/Golden Newt Caviar - Newt Brothers Artisanal

This Golden Newt Caviar is a departure from your normal caviar experience. We hand craft small batches using only the highest quality flower from our clean-room garden. The Rocky Mountain Black Fire is an in-house cross that has a sweet licorice aroma mixed with a wonderful earthy musk. This delicious flower is then coated with our our premium live concentrate. To finish off, we dust the caviar in the finest micron dry sift keif... Experience the Fire Today!

Infused Flower aka Caviar - The Greenery Hash Factory

Infused Flower, commonly referred to as Caviar, is a trifecta of potency! A bud of premium flower is coated in extracted cannabis oil and then battered generously in our potent Kief. We never thin our cannabis oil with alcohol or solvents!

Fire Caviar Cones - Fire Caviar / Peak Dispensary

Fire uses only the finest quality flower combined with distillates, full spectrum oils, and dry sifts to create a perfectly balanced Caviar Cone. With the concentrate visible on the outside in three golden rings, you can see exactly what you are smoking. Peak Dispensary in downtown Denver, proudly carries the entire Fire product line.

Eureka Cure Concord Lime Infused Pre-Roll - Eureka Vapor

The Eureka Cure Infused Pre-Roll is a product brimming with flavor. The one-gram cone, flush with a combination top-shelf buds & Eureka's signature high potency distillate is sure to leave you delighted. To take it a step further the product is saturated by a familiar grape flavor and a hint of lime. Need we say more?

CannaTela - the green solution

The ultimate pre-roll for cigar-minded cannabis aficionados. This beefy, tasty blunt known as the CannaTela is rolled just like a cigar, using 2.5 grams of premium flower, .8 grams of Pure Oil, and .5 grams of full cannabis fan leaves as a wrap.

Alien Rock Crystal - The Flower Collective


This strain specific joint is a slow burn, made up of five parts Flower and one part Bubble Hash. Weighing in at .7g, this will blitz the most discerning solo tokers and entertain a party of vacationers.

Completly Clean Caviar - L’eagle

Made in-house at L’Eagle and free of any additives. Completely Clean Caviar in strain specific GSC, features L’Eagle’s clean cannabis and solventless rosin - that’s it! Perfectly dense GSC buds, hand dipped in freshly pressed GSC rosin, dusted with GSC kief. These nugs pack a punch and are full of flavor.

FIRE - Peak

Similar to our Caviar Baller Buckets, Fire uses the same high quality flower, full spectrum oil, and dry sift to make our powerful Caviar Cones. Peak Dispensary in downtown Denver, proudly carries the entire Fire product line.

Black Diamond - Peak

Fire uses only the finest quality flower combined with distillates, full spectrum oils, and dry sifts to create perfectly balanced Caviar Baller Buckets. Peak Dispensary in downtown Denver, proudly carries the entire Fire product line.

Kaviar Preroll - Kaviar

Premium flower infused with hash oil, rolled in kief. Ground and expertly rolled with a luxurious branded glass tip on every pre-roll. Although the high is soothing and relaxing, it is also motivational and clear-headed, leaving the mind refreshed and ready to take on the day.

CGC Caviar -

This Solventless Caviar is a blend of sweet, sour, and pungent. Super Lemon OG, coated with Sour Kush Solventless Rosin and Keif. After sending your senses into overdrive, this Sativa Dominant blend will provide an energetic uplifting high.

Moonrocks - Kaviar

Premium flower infused with hash oil from tip to stem, coated with kief. These ingredients create a rich, bold flavor and smooth, heavy smoke. The effects of this high are immediate, with a euphoric cerebral rush soon followed by a relaxing, hazy bliss in both the mind and body.

CannaTela - NectarBee by The Green Solution

Connoisseurs rejoice, this combination of cannabis is just for you! This Pre-Roll is crafted using premium flower rolled into a natural cannabis leaf and sealed in hash oil. The CannaTela is an unrelenting roll featuring a pronounced, cannabis-heavy terpene experience with a rich mouth-feel during each draw.

Cannagar - Diego Pellicer

Our Cannagars are hand rolled with premium flowers and concentrate. Held in a natural wrapper made of hand selected fan leaves. This unique experience smokes like no other product available and leaves you with a memory not soon forgotten.

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