Disposable Vape

Feather GO Move (Cantaloupe Flavored) Distillate Disposable - The Lab

Feather GO Move disposables are filled with distilled Delta-9-THC and botanically derived cantaloupe terpenes. Each disposable is discreet, long lasting and can be used as a mood-enhancer for any time of day or night.

Magnitude Indica All-in-one 1000mg Banana Kush - MAGNITUDE by Infusiasm

Designed for life on-the-go, the MAGNITUDE All-in-One vaporizer is a unique blend of small-batch distillate and select terpenes. MAGNITUDE’s low inlet-hole technology is designed to ensure that every drop of its 1g distillate reaches the user, and none is left in the tank. Rechargeable with a USB-C charger (not included). Strain options include: Super Lemon Haze (Sativa) and Banana Kush (Indica).

Summertime Disposable Simpod - High Level Health

The Summertime Disposable Simpod is a great option to enjoy while exploring beautiful Colorado. It is a sativa based product with uplifting effects that can be enjoyed through out the day. It has an excellent mix of terpenes that provides a full flavored experience.

O.pen MICRO - Watermelon - O.pen

The O.pen Micro single use device is perfect for exploring, traveling or trying something new. Preloaded and precharged with 300mg of oil it’s ready to go anywhere. Flavors formulations: Vanilla Cake, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry.

Passion Fruit 1 Gram Disposable - Mile High Xtractions

This 1 Gram disposable device from Mile High Xtractions is the Cybertruck of pens. It rips. With sweet citrus notes offering a delicious invitation to the outdoors, we wanted to put this passion fruit into a device that truly packs a punch.

Super Lemon Haze - Options

An uplifting, energetic high that is sure to be super.

Bomb Pop - Options

A blast of fruity flavor with hints of Cherry blowing up in your mouth.

StarDawg - Eureka Vapor

The Stardawg 500mg disposable encased in our all new carbon fiber hardware is one of the newest members of the Eureka Vapor family. As you inhale, you will notice the amazing piney aroma on this earthy hybrid. This oil is an amazing stress reliever, extremely uplifting, and remarkably flavorful.

SFV OG - Eureka Vapor

Our SFV OG 500mg disposable encased in our all new carbon fiber hardware is the newest member of the Eureka Vapor family. The rich terpene profile, combined with relaxed yet energetic effects of this strain, make this unit essential for anybody looking to take the edge off while remaining alert and productive.

Good: Afternoon (Tangie - Hybrid) - Feather

The perfect pen for any part of the day! Feather’s customer all-in-one hardware made of premium materials is paired with the best extracts from their partners at The Lab. This pen from the Good: Collection features a live resin from the Tangie strain and highlights a strong citrus taste and aroma. The effects are pleasant and uplifting with a mild body buzz.

Good: Morning (Durban Poison - Sativa) - Feather

It’s your discreet, dependable accessory for the everyday! Feather’s custom all-in-one hardware made of premium materials is paired with the best extracts from their partners at The Lab. This pen from the Good: Collection features a live resin from the Durban Poison strain. Keep your energy high and enjoy the rich, spicy caramel, licorice, citrus and minty undertones.

Lilac Diesel Disposable 0.33 gram pen - Mile High Xtractions

This sweet, floral and fruity hybrid strain is perfect to elevate the mind and relax the body.  With a clean, smooth hit and discrete profile, this 0.33g disposable pen is the perfect companion for on the go activities.  It is also rechargeable so it’s good to the last drop.

Spectra Live Resin: Chem 4 OG - Westpine Selects

Spectra Uncut Live Resin is produced using absolutely zero cutting agents. All Spectra Live Resin products are not flavored, so you accurately taste the true-to-flower flavor. For Chem #4 OG, this is an earthy flavor with citrus, pine, wood, and sweet orange notes that overlay a hickory taste, creating a euphoric, relaxing high.

Strawberry Cough Live Alchemy - Evolab

A potent sativa strain with sweet hazy notes reminiscent of fresh berries. It’s cerebral effects inspire creativity and result in a wonderfully euphoric experience. Evolab Live Alchemy is made using the finest full spectrum CO2 distillate plus strain specific live-extracted terpenes to create a profile that is identical to the original flower.

Pineapple Chunk - Mile High Xtractions

Pineapple Chunk is an indica-leaning hybrid that combines flavors of tangy skunk, earthy cheese, and sweet pineapple on the finish. Using 200 proof food-grade alcohol and molecular distillation, we bring this distillate to you without the use of chemicals. We re-introduced strain-specific terpenes, we like to call these “original terps,” infusing the true essence of the flower. This discrete disposable from Mile High Xtractions is consistent, pure, and potent, for your enjoyment!

Magik FSE Disposable Vape - Sauce Bros.

Sweet, fermented melons! The Sauce Bros Magik FSE vape is not your ordinary disposable. With CCELL technology, this full-spectrum cartridge is the closest thing to dabbing, minus the nail/banger hassle. Sauce Bros features strain-specific FSE vape cartridges with hand-picked genetics from some of the best cultivators in Colorado. Absolutely zero cutting agents. You'll be hearing the Sauce Bros name more & more in 2019. Be on the lookout!

Lemon OG Haze - Summit

Made with cannabis harvested at its prime, then immediately fresh frozen to preserve the most full-spectrum cannabinoid and terpene content possible, this 100% live sauce Lemon OG Haze vape is for those who truly want to taste the strain. Bold aromas of limonene and pinene take center stage while delivering a euphoric and motivating yet tranquil experience. You’ll wonder where this pen has been all your life.

Lemon G Live Resin Disposable - CRx

Crafted entirely in-house with pure liquid live resin and absolutely ZERO additives or cutting-agents, Live Resin Disposables provide a flavorful experience that is 100% cannabis derived. Truly full spectrum, there is nothing synthetic about Live Resin Disposables by CRx.

Hybrid w/ OG Kush Terpenes - ABV Cannabis Co.

The ABV Cannabis Co. 300mg Disposable Vape Pen is among the highest quality on the market. Equipped with a ceramic atomizer, quartz glass oil chamber and powerful battery, consumers can rest assured that the ABV disposable will provide a reliable experience and consistent flavor from start to finish. Our broad spectrum CO2 oil and natural, strain specific terpene formulas offer consistent flavor and effects time and time again. Enjoy the hybrid blend ABV disposable with OG Kush terpenes!

Golden Goat - The Clear

Modeled after the cannabis strain Golden Goat, this flavor embodies the sweet and sour notes of the sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Durban Poison - Pyramid

The perfect size for any pocket, our inhale-activated vaporizer has everything you need to enjoy Pyramid Prism in a compact, ready-to-use package. Durban Poison is able to accentuate the ceramic core technology with its pungent punch.

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