Flash Frozen

Apricot Moonshine - Chronic Creations

A new addition to Creation’s garden: Apricot Moonshine tastes just like its namesake. A jar full of apricot mash that has just started to turn! The taste is unique and unforgettable!

Bakked Gyro - Orange Peel - Bakked

Live Resin: O.pen Live Resin uses fresh-frozen cannabis to deliver loud & robust terpene flavor profiles, plus a full-spectrum cannabinoid experience reflective of each strains genetics.

Gyro: A gravity defying innovation. Orange Peel is a sativa dominant hybrid (90% sativa / 10% indica) created by crossing Jack x Agent Orange. It has a robust sweet orange/citrus flavor profile with undertones of pine/ginger. This strain tastes like a freshly picked Florida Orange. Its effects are quick hitting, catering to motivation and focus.

Banana MAC - Billo Premium Cannabis

Banana MAC Starts with cerebral head effects and quickly mellows out into a very heavy relaxed state. Terms ranging from banana bread to banana candy and cheese after a long cure. This one is special to say the least.

Blue Skunk Live Budder - High Level Health

The Blue Skunk Live Budder is one of our most popular concentrates. It is oozing with terpenes and creates a mouth watering blueberry muffin taste with hints of skunky earth. It has been a fan favorite in both flower and concentrate form and is highly regarded as one of our best products.

Cheese Papaya - Viola

This is a mixture of our Cheesy Hashplant and Papaya strains that are both staff favorites. This blend is heavy on the cheese on the first inhale and leaves you with an amazing indescribable fruity taste on the tongue on the exhale. This Indica dominant blend is great after a long day, packs a punch and will taste amazing. Another dab please.

Clementine Live Resin - Lusso

Distinct, flavorful, and crafted to perfection, the Clementine Live Resin is sure to delight the senses like nothing else. Extracted from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis, the tantalizing citrus profile of this concentrate may be reminiscent of sunny afternoons and exuberant summer days. Welcome to your new favorite experience.

Crescendo Live Diamonds - Kush Masters

A cross of ChemD I95 & Mandarin Cookies. Sweet, Fruity, & Floral scent that packs a punch. The diamonds are beautiful, some might say they belong on someones finger.

Glueball Live Resin Canary Diamonds - The Lab

Glueball Live Resin Canary Diamonds consists of highly potent Delta-9-THC crystals dripping in Glueball’s indica dominant terpenes with flavors of citrus and pine with just a hint of gas.

Golden Goat Platinum FSE - Options

One of Mr. Dank’s finest creations! Golden Goat was created by accident in Topeka, Kansas, when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated Mr. Dank’s Island Sweet Skunk. The scent is described as being a combination of sweet, sour, and spicy, with a tropical fruit flavor. Its full-body effects provide a delightful rush of euphoria and creative spark. A very popular strain in Colorado that never seems to get old - this Platinum FSE is an amazing example of the plants profile. You’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Papaya - Viola

Grown in house by Viola Gardens, the Papaya is one of our signature strains. This resin came from hand selected plants flash frozen to preserve the true fruity terpenes of this plant. This Indica dominant strain will leave smokers with a nice uplifting high and a taste that will keep them coming back for more. 

Papaya Platinum FSE -

Papaya is an indica-dominant hybrid from Nirvana Seeds - it’s their take on a Mango strain, created by crossing Citral #13 with Ice #2. Papaya smells uncannily like its namesake. The taste is similar to its tropical fruit counterpart, but a spicy, peppery side also becomes apparent. A truly unique specimen!

Papaya Platinum FSE -

Papaya is an indica-dominant hybrid from Nirvana Seeds - it’s their take on a Mango strain, created by crossing Citral #13 with Ice #2. Papaya smells uncannily like its namesake. The taste is similar to its tropical fruit counterpart, but a spicy, peppery side also becomes apparent. A truly unique specimen!

Peach Haze - Chronic Creations

Two of our most popular strains: Afghan Peach/Ghost Train Haze combined 50/50 to make an electric fermented citrus mango flavor that sticks to your tongue long after the dab is done!

Peach Power Live Badder - Glow Extracts

Peach Power is a blend of Peach Pie and Tangie Power. The two strains are individually unique in their own regard, when combined they make for an even more special experience. The smooth citrus notes from the Tangie Power combined with the sweet creamy profile of the Peach Pie make for a smell reminiscent of orange creamsicles on a hot summer day.

Sherbet Creamsicle Live Badder - Glow Extracts

Sherbet Creamsicle is a cross of Sherbet X Creamsicle by Freeworld Genetics. Extracted with a specific hydrocarbon blend to achieve the best ratio of cannabinoids to terpenes from fresh frozen plants, this live badder is a connoisseurs’ dream. Notes ranging from strawberries n cream frozen yogurt to a sugar sweet blend of citrus and berry. Great for functional daytime enhancement and to bring back memories of your favorite ice cream shop.

Slazerbeam - Green Treets

A cross between Super Lemon Haze & Gupta Kush. This energizing strain creates a happy go lucky, euphoric high. A real Treet!

Straight Fire Live Diamonds - Kush Masters

A cross of Mint Chocolate Chip & Mothertongue- A sweet, minty, vanilla, peppery flavor with earthy undertones. Diamonds that will glisten every-time the jar is opened!

Tennis Balls Live Diamonds - Dalwhinnie Farms

This bright green pheno of Brain OG x Stardawg packs a punch with heavy terpenes of rubber and fuel. A cerebral hybrid reminiscent of Headband back in the day. Can be enjoyed anytime of day to brighten your mood.

The White Chem 4 x Dawg’s Waltz - TR Concentrates

The White Chem 4 x Dawg’s Waltz is a cross that is a genetic derivative of both the Chemdawg and OG lineages. The aroma and flavor of this live resin is packed with both earthy and citrus notes. It has been refined to bring you the cleanest dab experience possible while staying rich in both THCa and terpenes. Since the genetics are rooted in indica dominant strains you can expect a sedated but pleasant experience.

Wedding Cake Live Diamonds - Sunshine Extracts

Wedding Cake is an instant classic with a flavor that is a marriage of velvety kush, sweetness, and a hint of gas. Good luck finding a ring that fits these rocks, these diamonds are any dabbers best friend.

White Grapefruit Cookies 14 - Olio

The White Grapefruit Cookies has a unique profile. Starting with sharp, bitter citrus notes on the inhale followed by a surprisingly smooth, sweet exhale reminiscent of berries. The White Grapefruit Cookies is new to our garden but it didn’t take long to become a team favorite.

Marmalade: Cap’n Kush Berries - Locol Love

Your nose is punched with a familiar sting of a gas filled garage, with undertones of skunk. Upon exhaling, you get multiple notes of berries throughout. A perfect blend of a fruity profile and an “Old School” skunky diesel profile.

Key Lime Pie - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates / Sofa King Medicinals

Fresh and Ripe Citrus provide a smooth peppery terps.  There is a slight spiciness on the exhale.  The relaxing body effects are accompanied by mental clarity.

High Octane - Terrapin Care Station

Is ultra-cheesy, pungent to the smell, and the perfect body high something you’re looking for? Look no further! Double Bear’s High Octane THCa is indica-dominant, and boasts gaseous, seductive flavors guaranteed to induce that blissful high you’ve longed for all day.

Mandarin Cookies - Terrapin Care Station

Giving off deep, earthy undertones accompanied by a tangy, citrus profile, this gas-packed hybrid live wax delivers a calming, clear high. Double Bear’s Mandarin Cookies is the ideal concentrate after a long day, if what you’re looking for is something tasty, relaxing, and smooth - but not too sedative! The classic lineage of GSC and Mandarin Sunset gives this particular wax a sweet, almost cheesy berry flavor that simply can’t be beat.

Sour GMO Ambrosia Batter - Apothecary Extracts

This Sour GMO is one hard hitting, insanely flavorful strain. Both pungent and sweet, our Sour GMO boasts gigantic flavors of gassy, spicy onion and garlic. Leaving you with a face full of stinky goodness! This strain is both so loud and delicious, that those of us here at Apothecary Extracts stand by it as one of our all time favorite strains!

92 OG Live Resin - Lama Brand Cannabis

One of our favorite OG Kush Strains, the 92 OG has roots traced back to Florida in the early 1990s.  Processed by our peeps at Nomad Extracts, the 92 is a potent, indica dominant concentrate, with beautiful diamond formations.

Banana Kush Ice Nectar - Harmony Extracts

Ice Nectar is the most refined Live Resin product on the planet. We isolate out the terpenes and the cannabinoids and combine them back together in specific ratios giving you the truest expression, cleanest form of extract possible! Banana Kush is a Harmony classic grown to perfection. Taste like a sweet banana with hints of kush. The buzz is euphoric and heavy.

Black Cherry Pie Punch Live Budder - High Level Health

Black Cherry Pie Punch is a wonderful strain for producing some mouth watering concentrates. The Live Budder produced from this strain has a soft and smooth cherry pie flavor with a splash of fruit punch on the back end. It is a great concentrate to enjoy while unwinding after a long day.

Platinum Valley Live Budder - High Level Health

Platinum Valley Live Budder produces a terrific bright yellow concentrate with strong lemon earthy aromas that enhance the hazy flavor very nicely. It can be enjoyed anytime of the day and is great for social occasions.

Live Resin: Sour Tsunami - Native Roots Cannabis Co.

Sour Tsunami is known for its distinctive smell - sweet and diesel fuel. Some may notice a chocolate aroma. On exhaling, you may detect a bitter or sour smell, hence the name. With a significant CBD content, usually about equal to its THC content, Sour Tsunami is often used for pain and inflammation management.

Sour Garlic Cookies Live Resin - Seed and Smith

Grown specifically for the Seed & Smith Live Series, Sour Garlic Cookies sets the standard for flavor. Rich in pine, citrus and some deep-down nastiness provides only a small sense of the aromas surrounding this concentrate. Swimming in terpenes, these diamonds explore the profile differently with each hit, producing rich and hearty exhales.

Purple Cake - Viola

PURPLE CAKE - A blend of our Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. Viola prides itself in genetics and hand selected certain phenotypes depending profiles to make the best possible Live Resin. The combination hits your palette leaving a flavorful cookie overtone and fills out with the exhale with the Purple goodness.  Enjoy.

Purple MAC - Viola

PURPLE MAC - this cup entry was picked from two of Viola’s top strains. We blended our favorite pick of our Purple Punch and equally matched it with our top producing Miracle Alien Cookies to really get a unique tasting terpene profile as well as pack a proper Viola punch.

Cosmic Cake™ Badder - Shift

This slice of celestial heaven has an aromatic yet subtle, fresh baked shortcake and oatmeal cookie aroma with a taste profile featuring old school Chem91 funk. The bold bouquet of sweet bread and fuel aftertaste leaves a wet tongue coated in badder delight. A familiar nose raising dessert smell and full, gas rich cloud exhale compliments the perfect holistic high.

Space Ape™ Sugar - Shift

Earthy, sour, peppery, pungent, and rubbery only begin to describe this supple sugar. Heavy notes of sappy pine and mildly sweet grape balance beautifully across the palate. The mouthfeel is very bold and wholesome, opening up taste buds to a hearty blend of flavors. Its full body effect is delightfully smile-inducing and lifts your head towards the stars.

Honey Hive Live Resin - Nectar Bee

Great crystallin live sugar. Pungent smell characteristic of the strain.

Animac Mints - Olio

A combination of Animal Mints and Miracle Alien Cookies. On inhale, you experience sweet fuel accents of the Animal Cookies. When exhaled, the MAC takes over with a thick gassy musk with just the right touch of citrus. Once exhaled, you’ll be left with a soft, earthy finish and an indica dominant high. 

Citrix Axolotl Live Resin - Newt Brothers Artisanal

Our Citrix Axolotl Live Resin is our premier cannabis concentrate. This product is filtered five times with our all-natural filtration process resulting in a smooth, high potency dab which is dripping with a super loud, citrus terpene profile.

Bio Chem - Options

Myrcene flavored, full body high.

Tangerine Haze - Options

Clean, clear headed Sativa with a smooth citrus punch.

Skunk Diamonds & Sauce - Binske

Made with freshly harvested, flash frozen premium cannabis, extracted using the Hydrocarbon process. The result is a full spectrum extract with large THC diamonds surrounded by terpenes for a full flavor profile that will be sure to pack a punch.

Motorbreath FSE - Nomad Extracts

They call it Motorbreath for good reason! This strain has quickly become a staple for cannabis connoisseurs. One dab and you’ll know why they seek this one out.

Orange Harambe Live Resin - Rize Concentrates

For our second entry we made another live resin for y’all. The strain we hand selected was Ethos Genetics Orange Harambe. Such a clean and refreshing smoke. The cross of Harambe x Mandarin Sunset results in rich, chunky flowers that give off a variety of aromas ranging from sour and skunk to complex citrus notes. This batch is a smooth criminal with its light citrus notes... but don’t be fooled because it packs a heavy punch! Hope y’all enjoy.

Instacake Live Resin - Rize Concentrates

This is a very exclusive strain bred and given to us by Brand X Seeds. A beautiful cross of Ice Cream Man x Cupcake. Dessert anyone!?! We made a beautiful live resin for y’all to try this year. This strain is so unique. It reeks of raw blood oranges with a hint of gas. Almost like a orange starburst with a splash of diesel. We are the ONLY one in Colorado with this strain. It’s that special!! Sit back, kick up your feet and let the wave of citrus funk take you away!!

Wedding Crasher Live Diamonds - Kush Masters

This cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch is a unique mix of gas and fruity deliciousness. You will definitely feel comfortable proposing with these diamonds. Enjoy!

Mai Tai Gelato - Kush Masters

This combination of Mai Tai and Gelato creates one beautiful concentrate. The diamonds on this batch are second to none. The terpene profile brings it all together with a sweet sweet gassy aroma, like a slurpee from 711. Thank you, dab again!

Tally mon - Chronic Creations

Bred by Oniseedco, this mix of Banana OG, Papaya and Dosidos comes together perfectly into a rotten banana papaya smoothie aroma and a delicious dab!

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