Jilly the Kid™ - Shift

An uplifting strain that holds a nose reminiscent of a floral bouquet served atop fresh tropical fruit. Notes of sweet melon, grapes, and citrus complement the rosy, floral undertones that round out an incredibly pleasant smelling cultivar. An energetic, but not racy high is accompanied by an overall feeling of well being, a genetic perfect for day time sessions.

Blackberry Cheesecake - Fresh Baked Dispensary

Blackberry Cheesecake boasts the sweet and savory flavors of a fruit-laden baked confection. Stoney and relaxing, the defining characteristic of this flower is a spacey yet euphoric vibe. This strain is great for relieving stress and providing a positive, mellow kick.

Cream Puff - Whole Meds

Cream Puff is a Cookies & Cream phenotype hand selected for its bulbous structure. This phenotype produces a blanket of trichomes resulting in a sugar-coated appearance with a light creamy aroma and taste.

Crescendo #11 - Indico

Crescendo #11 is an Ethos Genetics cross of Chemdog, I-95, and Mandarin Cookies that creates a THC- dominant Hybrid. Its Terpene profile produces Sweet, Earthy, and Citrus Aromas with Gassy and sweet flavors.

Sour Strawberry - Indico

Sour Strawberry is a cross between Sour Bubble gum with Strawberry Cough, and east coast sour diesel. Has a sweet strawberry, diesel aroma and taste. Effects are uplifting and euphoric. Always a fan favorite.

Banana Punch - Verde Natural

A heavy hitting strain with pops of banana, pineapple and clementine.

Mandarin Cookies - Terrapin Care Station

Boasting deep, earthy undertones accompanied by a tangy, citrus profile, this gas-packed hybrid strain delivers a calming, clear high. The Woods Select Reserve Mandarin Cookies is the ideal strain after a long day, if what you’re looking for is something tasty, relaxing, and smooth - but not too sedative. The enticing smell of the GSC and Mandarin Sunset genetics complement the deep greens and violets buried underneath layers of trichomes, making this the perfect flower to add that element of luxury to your life.

Sunset Sherbert - Terrapin Care Station

If you’re looking for a new favorite hybrid, look to Sunset Sherbert, part of the Woods Select Reserve Flower line by Terrapin!  Sunset Sherbert is a strain crafted from a colorful lineage of classics like GSC, Cherry Pie, OG Kush, Durban Poison, Grandaddy Purple and Blackberry Kush. It’s blissful, aromatic, and pink and violet in hue amidst lime green trichome-layered buds…making it quite literally: one of the most desirable hybrids ever.

Bellini - Magnolia Road

Bellini is about a sweet-tasting high, with mouth-watering qualities. One can expect sweet, citrusy, hashy and peachy qualities. The characteristics enhance the overall high experience, which is very unique.

Terpwin Station - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

This Ethos original is earthy and gassy with a taste of sour citrus fruit. The high is all you would expect from an Original Glue Cross.  Heavy and Full Body!

Skunkberry - Lama Brand Cannabis

Skunkberry is a patient favorite in flower and concentrate, and is a 50-50 hybrid of Blueberry and Skunk. Sweet, blueberry menthol terps dominate the flavor pallet of this cultivar.

GG #4 - Den-Rec

A classic clone only strain that is known all over the world for its quality. Continues to be a popular strain even years after its creation. Sweet/herbal terpene profile.

Granola Funk - Den-Rec

Super pungent terpene profile, reminiscent of the legendary Kurple Fantasy, which will flood your senses. This multi-award winning flower is extremely smooth to smoke, and the perfect hybrid. Grand Champion in the THC Classic 2018 and 2019.

Garlic Sherbert - Billo

Our Garlic Sherbert blends the gassy bite of GMO, with the sweet aroma of Blue Sherbert. This creates a cerebral high that clears your mind and sets the body free. This boutique phenotype makes for a fantastic all day smoke.

Mandarin Cookies - Colorado Seed Inc.

Mandarin Cookies packs a unique balance of tangy citrus and rich earthy tones. The experience is energizing and euphoric, with equal parts of mind and body effects. As always at Colorado Seed Inc., it was grown in soil without chemical pesticides, hand-trimmed, and slow glass-cured before delivery to the shelves at Helping Hands Cannabis on Pearl St. in Boulder or Bud Depot in Lyons.

Gelato Cake - Colorado Seed Inc.

Gelato Cake is one of the hottest trending strains in the market for good reason! The aroma is a berry-filled mosaic of campfire desserts and potent gases, and it brings an uplifting stress-relieving effect. Colorado Seed Inc. grows stunning cannabis as shown without chemical pesticides. Find CSI flower and seeds at Helping Hands Cannabis on Pearl St. in Boulder or Bud Depot in Lyons!

Purple Champagne - PotCo Wholesale

Purple Champagne is a delectable cross of Granddaddy Purple x Pink Champagne bred by Grand Daddy Purp. A rare sativa phenotype of his famous Granddaddy Purple was used in these genetics. Enjoy Purple Champagne’s multicolor appearance and exceptional trichome development. An aroma reminiscent of grape; sweet yet earthy with notes of berries.

Garlic Road - Seed and Smith

This strain certainly comes from the Garlic side of life. This cookies and chem cross offers a strong garlic flavor with a surprisingly sweet back. The profile creates a bright lively funk when the bud is cracked open and produces a thick and hearty smoke. The sweetness really pops with a froot loops flavor on the exhale.

Cake Crasher - Green Man Cannabis

Wedding Cake x Wedding Crasher- Sweet and fruity grape berry flavor with a cake batter smell. Purple buds covered with trichomes.

Ghost Cookies - Viola

Ghost Cookies is a well balanced indica/sativa hybrid that is comprised of GSC and Ghost OG Kush. Ghost Cookies flowers smell heavily of fresh cookie dough, with undertones of fuel that you can taste on the exhale. Ghost Cookies is quite potent, with effects that start in the head, then slowly moves throughout the rest of your body.

Elmar - Good Chemistry

Derived from Purple Mayhem and Sour Diesel comes Elmar - grown exclusively by Good Chemistry Nurseries. This bright green flower produces orange pistils that offer a sweet, fruity aroma, with a floral, pine taste. Good Chemistry’s pioneering Cannabis Effect Categories identify Elmar as an “Amplify” and “Relax” strain that, based on historical experience, may provide a focused, creative high accompanied by possible stress relief.

Dorothy - Good Chemistry

Dorothy, a Good Chemistry Nurseries proprietary strain, showcases deep purple flowers and bright amber pistils, covered in sugary trichomes. Sticky to the touch, Dorothy, a.k.a “Dot,” produces a sweet floral smell with an earthy, diesel taste. Good Chemistry’s pioneering Cannabis Effect Categories identify Dorothy as a “Relax” and “Relieve” strain that, based on historical experience, may relieve emotional and physical pain, help calm the nerves and alleviate tension.

MAC - Golden Leaf

Also known as Miracle Alien Cookies. This evenly balanced hybrid is oozing with sweet, citrus, fruity, and earthy terps. With a happy and creative high, this strain brings out only the best vibes. Some of the prettiest flowers in the game, these purple and green nugs will make your mouth water.

Black Cherry Garlic - Golden Leaf

GMO X Cherry Cookies BX1. This indica leaning hybrid is earthy, sour, piney, and resembles the chem genetic line. Good for anytime of the day and creative activities. Testing close to 30% THC she’s not for the light smoker.

Snow Squall - The Green Solution

Snow Squall offers a good balance between a strong, clear-headed high and relaxation.  She provides great motivation and energy, along with creativity and balanced mind while doing so.  Bright in color, and absolutely covered in resin glands, causing a heavy aroma of Kief with slight fruity under tones. Getting her name from the densely packed resin glans giving the appearance she was snowed on.

Race Fuel OG (High Octane Pheno OG Kush x Face Off OG) - High Level Health

Race Fuel OG is a Kush lovers dream! It has a sweet OG taste with layers of fruitiness and fuel. The high is a hard hitting punch that mellows out to a quite productive high. It can be used for pain relief without being completely couch locked. A delicious and functional OG strain.

Kronocaine - PotCo Wholesale

Kronocaine has a beautiful bud structure, a vibrant light green color with striking orange hairs, extraordinary trichome development, especially caked in the crevices and at the base of the bud. A cool citrus aroma. Kronocaine grows squat in stature and produces broad leaves and thick branches that develop heavy yields of Haze-structured buds.

Wedding Cake (Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie) - High Level Health

The taste is a perfect combination of the sweetness of cookies and the fruitiness of a cherry pie. It may act as a sedative for patients, but does help in calming down nerves or controlling anxiety stimulating symptoms. It is quite frosty looking and has dark green leaves. The flavor profile is a sweet cookies flavor with a smooth fruity to sugary flavor.

Tropicana Cherries - The Herbal Cure

What do you get when combine a bowl of fruit with a pack of cookies? Purple...Orange...Gas, that’s what!! Bred by Relentless Genetics, Tropical Cherries is so pretty she’ll leave you weak in the knees. Setting the standard for high visual appeal & super loud flavor profiles, the future is bright with Tropical Cherries in the garden!

Papaya Punch - The Herbal Cure

Papaya Punch is the perfect progeny of Purple Punch x Papaya. Bred by ONI, the stunning visual appeal is matched only by flavor profiles of pineapple & coconut. It will be hard to decide whether to smoke or keep this precious flower in a jar to admire. So if you like Piña Coladas... this bud’s for you!!

Cresend0 - Høst Cannabis Co.

Cresend0 - An outstanding pheno with deep maroon and magenta flowers. Cresend0 punches you in the face with a bouquet of fresh flowers all the while getting a can of gas dumped on top of your head. Not to mention the wallop it packs in the potency department!

Chem Brulee - Options

Caramelized sugar sweetness.

Golden Ghost - Options

Sweet citrus funk.

Guava Jelly - Mighty Tree

This indica dominant hybrid is a cross between Forbidden Fruit x White 91.  The Cherry Pie and Tangie lineage really hits the nose, with a strong citrus taste on the pallet.

Barely Legal - Canna Botica

OG18 x Mimosa.  Terpene: Sweet and Gas.  Structure: More developed calyx

Strawberry Banana Glue - Blue Ribbon Herbs

Attention! Tokers looking for true potency and Exotic flavors, look no further! Our Strawberry Banana Glue is the perfect combination of head banging potency and body stress relief, accompanied by intense strawberry banana flavors, hints of diesel and pine. Boosting incredible cannabinoid profiles over 30% with 28% THC, she is the one to go home and brag to momma about!

Galactic Punch - Canna Botica

Jawa Kush (ocean grown seeds) X Mimosa (symbiotic genetics).  Bred in House.  Terpene: Citrus and Fruit.  Structure: Dense acorns.

Jack Frost - Chronic Therapy

A perfect combination of three heavy hitting old school strains (Northern Lights, White Widow and Jack Herer)! Sweet piney aroma with backnotes of citrus make this a perfectly balanced day time smoke!

Yellow Taxi - top dawg genetics

Yellow Taxi Hybrid (GMO X NYC Chem) Grown and bred by Top Dawg Genetics. Have you ever rode in the back of a dirty yellow taxi? That’s what this one smells like funky, Skunky, dirty sweat socks with a power punch to back it!

Sweet Sweet - Summit

Sweet Sweet is like island music to the ears nose… and taste buds!  Characterized by tropical aromas with added hints of grapefruit, this hybrid cross of Jack Herer and Skunk #1 creates a relaxed, euphoric body sensation paired with an uplifting head high.  This strain’s uniquely sweet and robust flavor is sure to leave you drooling for more.

Sour Chem #2 - NUHI

Sour Chem #2 is a hybrid cross of Sour Diesel x (Chem D x i95). This strain produces big, chunky, stinky buds that absolutely require a mason jar if discretion is needed! Rich with Sour Diesel, Chemdog, and OG notes. Also a very potent strain, not for the novices out there.

Sour Banana - Green Man

Calling all passengers to Aruba, Jamaica...Sour Banana has arrived to bring Denver out of hibernation (hybridnation?). This tropical delight takes you to a paradise beneath the palm trees with a piña colada in hand. Tight, slim buds- thickly frosted with potent trichomes- lead to an immediate exuberance felt in your entire body. Obvious flavors of fruit accented by light pine tones recall memories of coconuts and the bark on banana trees. With its relaxed high, fruity flavor, and rapid onset Sour Banana is the Spring Break of strains.

Purple Sticky Punch - Natural Alternatives for Health

With its unique aroma and powerful attitude Purple Sticky Punch takes you on an adventure you’ll always remember and a high you’ll never forget. From a unique genetic pairing between Lavender and Ghost Train Haze, this strain creates a wondrous experience even the most discerning connoisseur would adore, making it truly one of our most sought-after strains.

Mochi Gelato Sherbet - Herbal Remedies

Mochi Gelato Sherbet is Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC (f.k.a. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies) gazing through Gelato’s dense crystal veil you find cabernet hues hidden in a lime green forest with rusted red wires sprinkled throughout. Gelato’s flavor rivals it’s appearance, creamy milk chocolate coats the tongue on inhale. Exhale brings rich dark berry notes. Gelato’s effects are very cerebral, offering goofy giggles and strange introspective thoughts.

Mimosa #7 - Golden Leaf

Mimosa #7 - Sweet, citrus, with some fruit punch on the nose. You find yourself feeling uplifted, energetic, and an overall happy high. This strain is often a high tester for us.

Lemon Skunk - In the Flow

Uplifting and revitalizing like a clear summer day, this sweet citrus flavored strain delivers positive vibes with a euphoric head high that will get you off the couch while easing depression and anxiety. Terpinolene, Pinene, and Ocimene will keep you energized and stress free. Find retailers near you at intheflowco.com.

Jabba OG - The Bank

This indica leaning hybrid boasts bold notes of garlic and fuel up front intertwined with an almost candy like berry sweetness on the back-end.

Hazelnut Cream - Verde Natural

Living Soil grown. Organically fed. Artisan perfected. Verde's Hazelnut Cream is a delicious fusion of the potent Cookies & Cream and Miami Haze, bred by ExoticGenetics. Our proprietary multi-stage curing process preserves the terpene profile of the strain, allowing the myrcene and linalool to shine. This hybrid has a sweet-cheesy scent and brings in clean, cerebral effects and strong body relaxation without feeling heavily sedated.

Grease Monkey - Chronic Therapy

Grease Monkey is a cross of Cookies & Cream and Gorilla Glue; as the name suggests, it has a remarkably gassy aroma and the wet buds are especially greasy. The high leans more in the direction of stoney than energetic, but is not overwhelmingly indica.

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