Hydro Carbon Vape

Forbidden Zkittles Melonaid #8 - Olio

The Forbidden Zkittles Melonaid #8 has an overwhelming fruity jolly rancher taste that lingers on the palate. The effects are just as intense leaving you with the munchies like no other. 

Golden Goat Pod - The Lab

The Lab’s Premium Live Resin Pods are made from 100% cannabis terpenes and THC fractions of fresh frozen Golden Goat plants. Those fractions are recombined to give the full sativa dominant effects and spicy, sweet and sour flavor of the tried and true strain.

Lemon G FSE - Sauce Bros.

The closest thing to biting into a lemon, without the actual lemon. Lemon G is the pride of Ohio, representing the Midwest among all the Dutch and West Coast strains out there. Potent and invigorating, this strain descends from Original G13. Prepare to have your mouth coated in tart lemon juice! This strain is the most requested out of all Sauce Bros flavors - one drag of this vape and you’ll know exactly why!

Live Blue Skunk Cartridge - High Level Health

The Live Blue Skunk Cartridge is an excellent option for someone on-the-go looking for a full spectrum experience. The upfront blueberry muffin flavor is complemented well with a great earthy undertone.

O.pen Live Resin - Borealis #7 - O.pen

Live Resin: O.pen Live Resin uses fresh-frozen cannabis to deliver loud & robust terpene flavor profiles, plus a full-spectrum cannabinoid experience reflective of each strains genetics.

Gyro: A gravity defying innovation. Borealis #7 is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica / 40% sativa) created by crossing Northern Lights x Skunk #1. It has a prominent fruity flavor profile with sweet and sour undertones; reminiscent of strawberry lemonade. Its effects are well balanced with an euphoric head high and a relaxing/rejuvenating body high.

Strawberry Head Live Resin Cartridge - Dalwhinnie Farms

Strawberry head live resin translates the beauty of the garden in this Strawberry Cough x Bruce Banner cross. Fresh limonene and myrcene find a balance with an unbelievable taste that will mellow your day.

Key Lime Pie -

Fresh and Ripe Citrus provide a smooth peppery terps.  There is a slight spiciness on the exhale.  The relaxing body effects are accompanied by mental clarity.

Clementine Ambrosia Cartridge - Apothecary Extracts

Our %100 Uncut Live Resin Clementine Ambrosia Cartridge is the absolute epitome of connesuir quality. This super sweet, citrus laden strain, was grown and processed all in house. The sharp initial blast of citrine terp gives way to an ever so sweet and enjoyable tangerine and lemon smoothness upon exahling. The overwhelming notes of orange and lemon lingers on the palate. A truly fantastic, mouth watering strain.

Guava - Den-Rec

Our award winning Guava has an extremely powerful terpene profile, making phenomenal concentrates. This uplifting, sativa is smooth with sour notes of diesel.

Electric Lemonade - Billo

Our Live resin vape cartridges are filled with 100% live resin from our extraction facility in Steamboat Springs. This Electric Lemonade has a sweet citrus flavor and smooth uplifting smoke.

Ghost Dawg - Invicta

Our BHO live resin cartridges are made using pure cannabis oil from fresh frozen material extracted with N-Butane. We do not use any fillers or cutting agents in our oil for additional flavor or viscosity purposes. Ghost Dawg is a cross of OG#3 and I-95 and is grown by MiNDFUL. The flavor and aroma from this cartridge should be sweet, piney and gassy. This strain is an indica dominant strain so you can expect a calming, sedative high. Grab a Ghost Dawg live resin cartridge next time you are looking to have a chill and relaxing time.

Mimosa Live Cartridge - High Level Health

Mimosa is a great strain with its dense frosty buds and excellent citrus aroma. The terpenes created from the fresh frozen material were so strong we knew the Live Cartridges would be a hit, and they did not disappoint. The deep orange flavor with earthy undertones lingers on the palette long after exhale, making it a favorite of many connoisseurs.

Platinum Valley Live Cartridge - High Level Health

Platinum Valley is an all time favorite strain of customers and employees. It has been a staple in our genetics pool for a long time and has now been crafted into a Live Cartridge. It has a wonderful earthy lemon haze flavor that is great for daytime enjoyment.

Black Jack Live Sauce - Seed and Smith

A combination of fruit and mint, Black Jack serves as a powerhouse in flavor and potency as flower. The live sauce for this strain is a perfect recreation of the whole experience. Retrieved from live resin runs, these pure sauce pods are an invitation into cannabis flavor you can enjoy discreetly and easily.

Pineapple Blast - Olio

The Pineapple Blast is a sativa dominant cross between Tangie and Pineapple Thai. True to it’s name, the mix of sour citrus and sweet fruit tones definitely bring to mind freshly cut pineapple, a taste that carries through both inhale and exhale.  Enjoy the smoothness but be ready for the sativa dominant high that follows.

Orange Herijuana Live Sauce Vape - Next1 Labs

The Herijuana lineage of Orange Herijuana would suggest a heavy-hitting couch lock experience, but the Orange Creamsicle cross genetics helps to lighten the effects of this strain. Great recreationally for hiking or outdoor relaxation, this strain makes an easy weekend afternoon so much better.

Chemmy Jones - Sauce Bros.

Chemmy Jones by Connoisseur Genetics is a hybrid strain that unites genetics from Chemdawg D and Casey Jones.

Lemon G FSE - Sauce Bros.

The pride of Ohio! The famous Lemon G is everyone’s favorite.

Cat Band Chem Cart - Kush Masters

If you like chemmy, gassy flavors then this cartridge is for you. Made with only 100% cannabis derived concentrates, this cartridge is sure to please the consumer with memorable flavor and a powerful high.

Mandarin Chem cart - Kush Masters

This flavor is orange citrus all the way. Made with only 100% cannabis derived concentrates this cartridge is sure to taste amazing and put you in another level.

UK Cheese FSE Pen -

The UK Cheese clone is as old as they get. Pure Live Resin cartridges are still brand new. This combination of classic genetics and innovative new extraction techniques exceeded all expectations. Pure pleasure, anywhere and anytime.

Tangie Power - Live, Full Spectrum Extract Cartridge -

FUEGO's Live, Full Spectrum Extract cartridges are made using Verde Natural's organically fed, living soil grown cannabis. We immediately freeze our strains at their peak prior to hydrocarbon extraction for the highest retention of natural terpenes. Tangie Power is dominated by myrcene, ocimene and limonene, providing both mental clarity and physical motivation, in addition to a smooth, sweet citrus flavor.

Strawguava - Dabolio.com

Strawberry Guava (Strawberry Banana x Papaya) - Great indica dominant hybrid pen, perfect for chilling out. Starts with a Sweet Strawberry inhale and finishes with a candied papaya exhale. Reminding you of tropical fruits and a nice sandy beach!

Orange Herijuana Full Spectrum Live Sauce Cartridge - Next1 Labs

The Herijuana lineage of Orange Herijuana would suggest a heavy-hitting couch lock experience, but the Orange Creamsicle cross genetics helps to lighten the effects of this strain. Great recreationally for hiking or outdoor relaxation, this strain makes an easy weekend afternoon so much better.  With its delightful fruity experience and its uplifting euphoric effects, this strain is a guaranteed favorite.

Lemon G13 - Summit

This uplifting sativa will leave you wondering where it’s been all your life.  Summit’s Lemon G13 Live Sauce CCELL cartridge offers a profoundly aromatic, true-to-strain experience that stays with you long after exhale. This small batch, FSHT (full-spectrum high-terpene) vape cart is made from 100% live sauce and carries one of the most limonene-heavy terpene profiles found in any cartridge on the market. For best results, pair with a CCELL or 3.7 volt battery.

Ghost of Lee Roy Live Resin Cartridge - Ascend Cannabis Co.

The KING of OG’s is in this Live Resin Cartridge. Ghost of Lee Roy is the classic Ghost OG crossed with Lee Roy making a dominating and dynamite SOUR heavy hitter from the best of the best OGs. It’s an immediate, gassy rush to the brain taking you to new heights. It’s not for the faint of heart, but every smooth hit will take you flying.

Citral Flo live resin HTE Pod - The Lab

The formulation of our Live Resin High Terpene Extract contains no cutting agent and maintains high potency without losing the Citral Flo experience, providing a citrus and earthy flavor profile and clear energetic high.

Clementine FSE Vape - Nomad Extracts

Tangie x Lemon Skunk - The famous Clementine boasts extreme citrus flavors with a dank garlic/onion on the backend. Match that with superior hardware - you've got yourself true-to-strain dabs on the go.

Blue Cheese FSE Cartridge - Green Dot Labs

GDL’s Blue Cheese (UK Cheese x Blueberry) offers a brilliant blueberry danish flavor profile wrapped in a thick funky cheesy bottom end. Puffing on the Blue Cheese Cart delivers positively mood lifting effects to turn around a bad day or enhance a great day. This strain is represented as pure uncut live resin in GDL’s Black Label FSE Cart.

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