9D4 #2 - Indico

9D4 is 1994 super skunk x GG4. Has large dense nugs that have a gas and rose smell. This unique flavor profile is reminiscent of the skunk of yesteryear.

Sex on the Peach - Viola

Our Sex on the Peach has become one of Viola’s most sought after strains. Started as a phenotype hunt in our facility. This strain is a cross between Orange Cookies and Peach. It’s got a great citrus terpene profile with a kush like exhale, It really packs a punch on the high as a Indica leaning Hybrid.

Purple Punch - Verde Natural

A fruity full bodied flavor with complimentary hints of pine vanilla and cream.

Purple Punch -

The Woods Select Reserve Purple Punch is laden with the enticing aroma of berries from everyone’s favorite Grandaddy Purple and is host to deep violet, bright orange hues - courtesy of the Larry OG indica genetics. Purple Punch really packs that “punch”, coming in with an initial cerebral high and working its way throughout the rest of the body, guaranteed to become a go-to indica strain.

Cherry Sherbert -

CGC’s own Sherbert is a cross between OG Kush and Cherry Pie.  A Complex aroma of fruit and skunk.  Taste of sweet berry and citrus.  A Relaxed high, great to unwind your day

Brain OG - Lama Brand Cannabis

Brain OG is a strain made famous by Snoop Dogg and B-Real crossing OG Kush with Sour Diesel.  Very potent indica dominant effects with those og kush terpenes everyone loves!

GMO - Lama Brand Cannabis

GMO is a potent indica dominant cross of Chem Dog D and Girl Scout Cookies found by  Skunkmasterflex.  Known for it’s pungent, garlic like terpene profile, this strain has quickly become a favorite with smokers and breeders.

Mind Eraser - Den-Rec

Earthy/sweet terpene profile, with beautiful coloration and vibrant orange pistils. Very relaxing affect, and one of our top selling indicas.

Holy Grail Kush - Den-Rec

Holy Grail Kush is an amazingly strong combination of award winning lineage. This indica dominant strain packs a punch, and is one of the strongest OG-18 offspring. Coupled with Kosher, this plant is pure, kush with an aroma of spicy citrus.

Platinum Kush Breath - Billo

Our in-house cut has a sweet, smooth and creamy flavor with a relaxing full body high. This unique phenotype grows tall and long with tight frost packed buds.

Bro G - Native Roots Cannabis Co.

Known for its smooth rich flavor, this earthy strain has an almost peppery flavor profile. Despite it’s full-body, relaxing effects, this strain often leads to a creative mindful high. In addition, it is a heavy-hitter, best reserved for cannabis connoisseurs and veteran consumers.

Etho’s Wedding Cake - Laughing Grass

This well known indica dominant cross of OGKB x TK (Orange kush breath x triangle kush) emits a potent earthy scent with a hint of vanilla. Testing at over 25% Wedding cake provides the user with a relaxed and euphoric high.

Lava Cake - Green Man Cannabis

Grape Pie x Thin Mint Cookies- Aroma of fresh bakes cookies with a distinct cake batter. Dark green buds full of trichomes.

Wedding Cake - Viola

Wedding Cake is an indica comprised of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. This variety is well-known for it’s extremely dense flowers that smell like vanilla cake frosting, with just a hint of gas lingering in the background. Wedding Cake is a powerful indica that can be felt throughout the body.

Cosmic Cake™ - Shift

Think forbidden fruit and gas cans. Cosmic Cake™ combines the wonderful worlds of cannabis fruit flavors with a chemmy, fuely, OG stank that will jump right out of the jar! Fruit notes intensify during breakdown and the fuel comes through on the smoke. Bud structure is dense with solid trichome coverage, a hybrid cultivar offering a euphoric and stony high.

Space Ape™ - Shift

A proprietary, complex cultivar offering notes of grapes, stinky cheese, and fuel. It has a funk that will leave your mouth watering and have you questioning how something could stink so good! An indica leaning hybrid that hits hard with a serious head high, followed by the indica body melting sensation we all know and love.

Road Dawg - Golden Leaf

Heavy hitter, great for relaxing while still maintaining a clear head and a decent ability to focus. Often testing above 30% THC, this strain is great for the end of the day. Strong, gassy terps, with a light earthy undertone.

Party Animal - Golden Leaf

A potent in-house cross of Road Dawg X Mimosa, usually testing around 30% THC. The flowers are super resonated so her bag appeal is next level. This indica is perfect for a late afternoon or evening session. The smoke is smooth and clean and leaves the body feeling heavy and relaxed.

Blue Burnout X Boo Berry - The Green Solution

Boo Berry x Blue Burnout is a heavy hitting Indica with earthy undertones, and a fruity taste.  Testing in the low to mid 20 percentile, This strains high will draw you into a happy lift, minus the anxious energy, voiding your thoughts and replacing them with lazy, welcomed Joy and relaxation.

MAC #4 (Miracle Alien Cookies)(Alien Cookies x Colombian x Starfighter) - High Level Health

MAC is one of the most coveted new hybrids around and was bred by Capulator. This strain is a cross of Alien Cookies x (Columbian x Starfighter) and definitely lives up to the hype!  This strain is a heavy hitter that is not for the faint hearted. The flavor profile contains layers of sour, musky gas that is smooth from start to finish. A much sought after strain grown to perfection by the High Level Health team.

Blue Skunk (DJ Short Blueberry x Skunk 1) - High Level Health

Blue skunk has a strong, clear Indica high that is long lasting and relaxing. The sweet smell of blueberries will fill your nose as you enjoy this strain. This amazing terpene profile boast blueberry muffins and dank earthy tones. The flavor stands out among most strains as its flavor transfers over from smell to the taste of blueberry upfront flavor with layers of earth. A favorite of employees and customers alike.

Ghost Dawg - The Herbal Cure

When it comes to OG’s, California reigns supreme. 707 Seedbank crossed Ghost OG & 707 Chem Dawg to create Ghost Dawg. Dripping with fat juicy tricome heads, the classic OG kush bud structure leaves your mouth watering for more. Flavor notes of diesel, rubber, Ophir & a slight lemon finish will excite even the pickiest kush connoisseurs. Ready to relax?! Ghost Dawg has got you covered!

Betty’s Ghost - Options

Extremely strong Indica with enough frost to freeze a snowman.

Hellfire - Options

Full gas that will light your hair on fire.

Afghan Peach - Chronic Therapy

Afghan Peach a new strain from Oni Seed Co! We are the first Colorado company to bring this new age flavor (Papaya x Landrace Afghani) giving a unique candied peach profile with a bit of rubber/chem backnote!

Abby Road - Høst Cannabis Co.

Abby’s Road - A beautiful, dense and frosty plant. This particular cultivar offers a very fruitful, floral essence, coupled with a heavy weight potency to give you exactly what you are looking for from a unique and exotic indica.

GG#4 (gorilla glue #4) - High Level Health

Original Glue (GG #4), developed by GG Strains, is a potent hybrid that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch. Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pungent, earthy, and sour aromas, inherited from its parent strains, Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. This strain is currently a favorite of High Level Health customers and employees alike.

Zsour D - top dawg genetics

Zsour D Indica (Zskittles X Sour Dawg)  Grown and bred by Top Dawg Genetics has a sweet candy like taste with a touch of sour gas that has a power punch high and will satisfy any connoisseurs terpine appetite.

White Fire OG - LIT

This Fire OG x The White cross has the sour, earthy, diesel aroma of Fire OG, with the high resin production of The White. This pungent, euphoric White Fire OG is testing at 29.94% in THC potency, making it the perfect smoke.

Wedding Cake - LUCY SKY

Wedding Cake is a hybrid, Indica-dominant cultivar that crosses Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Aroma of sweet skunk, vanilla, and soil.

Sour Banana Kush -

Banana Kush x Dosido -  "I'm not a player, I just Kush a lot" sweet n’ sour odor and a smooth OG flavor with a sweet fruity aftertaste. The high is a nice blend of head and body effects that you would expect from an Indica.

Purple Punch - NUHI Distribution

Purple Punch is an Indica dominant strain made up of Grandaddy Purp x Larry Og. This pheno of the Punch  produces dense, resinous, purple and lime green nuggets with an aroma leaning more towards a creamy, rubbery, OG funk rather than the grape candy terps most are expecting.  A nice, relaxing Indica great for anxiety and insomnia.

Papaya Punch - THE HERBAL CURE

Bred by ONI, Papaya Punch is a cross between Purple Punch & Papaya. The result is a Pineapple Coconut blast of aromas, perfect for relaxation time! Visually stunning, an abundance of prismatic trichomes lay on a background of lime green, orange & violet hues. Effects are calming, like laying on a chaise lounge listening to the rhythmic sound of ocean waves.

O.G. Animal - Karmaceuticals

OG Animal is a indica dominant hybrid with a strong smell of diesel/gas.

Natty Rems OG - natty rems

Fusing OG and Purple varieties perfectly, Natty Rems OG is a phenomenal 92 OG Kush and “Old Man” Purps cross. Promising a sweet and hashy aroma alongside relaxing effects, this Natty Rems signature strain will not disappoint.

Monster OG - Natural Leaf / MC Caregivers

Monster OG comes on strong to relax muscles, soothe pain, and relieve stress. Stocky plants produce dense, resin coated flowers with a blend of burnt spice notes and pineapple.

Mandarin Cookies - Native Roots

A cross of the award-winning parents, forum cut cookies and mandarin sunset. She has it all - great yields, stunning flowers, rich in terps. Saturated with the citrus essence of orange and lime, with earthiness and a light pine scent on this pheno. Very high calyx to leaf ratio which produces a nice clean burning and pleasant smoke. The bud structure is very dense and is entirely coated in resinous trichomes which adds a nice luster to the lime green and eggplant colored sugar leaves.

Mandarin Sunset - Summit

Mandarin Sunset delivers a bold citrus aroma that will have you thinking about strolling through an orange orchard, surrounded by trees bursting with sweet, juicy fresh fruit. This strain tastes as full-bodied as it smells while producing a heavy indica smoke that allows for a tranquil yet euphoric sensation, sure to help with relaxation and insomnia.

Lavender - Natural Alternatives for Health

Sweet and smooth, this strain stays true to its namesake. Calm and soothing, Lavender feels like a warm and welcoming embrace gently easing you into nirvana. Originally from the famed Soma Seeds seed bank, we’ve nurtured this lovely flower into a delicious and potent treat to share with you.

Ingrid - Good Chemistry

Exclusive to Good Chemistry Nurseries, Ingrid is a heavy indica strain with a cheesy-earthy smell and a smooth smoke. Good Chemistry’s pioneering Cannabis Effect Categories identify Ingrid as a “Relieve” and “Sleep” strain that, based on historical experience, may be helpful for nighttime pain relief and sleep.

Hell’s OG - High Level Health

A potent indica hybrid, Hell’s OG is one of the original strain offshoots of OG Kush. The history of OG Kush and its many related strains is disputed by many, making investigating it a lush and exciting adventure. OG strains are known for their enveloping, alarmingly putrid stenches. Albeit rank as an ambient smell, that pungency carries a strong aftertaste of pleasant sourness. Unlike other OG’s, Hell’s OG features sweetness that overtones citrus and astringent notes.

Hell`s OG -

A staple strain amongst indica lovers, this OG Kush & Blackberry offspring offers a calming body high & fast pain relief!

G Glue #4 - Kind Care

This heavy hitting indica strain boasts a sedative and relaxing body high and also calms the mind.  It's great for an evening relaxing at home.  While it reeks of sour chem, the flavor has slight earthy notes.  G Glue #4 is great if couch lock is your goal.

Extreme Cream - Chronic Therapy

Cookies & Cream and Extreme OG come together to make the Extreme Cream.  This is a heavy indica-leaning strain with a uniquely sweet, earthy, and creamy aroma.  Potent and flavorful, this strain is a must-try for indica lovers (just clear out your schedule for the rest of the day).

Dosidos - Lama Brand/Bgood

Dosidos #22 F2 from Archive Seedbank.  OGKB Girl Scout Cookies X Face Off bx1.  This strain is a resin monster and does very well in water hash and hydrocarbon concentrates.  Funky, earthy, mothball, grape-dough terpene profile.

Danky Kong - In the Flow

This beautifully aromatic strain will take you on a mellow, yet uplifting ride.  Grapefruit and peppercorn aromas are complimented by a complex fruity finish.  The best of both parent strains are at work here- Kong lends a potent head/body high, while Bio-diesel delivers a relaxing effect that doesn't leave you sleepy.  Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene terpenes enhance the mood while relaxing away body pain.

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Colin's OG - Colin's OG

Bred by Ethos, Colin OG S1 is a cross of Grateful Dawg x The White x (Sour Diesel x Flo). A pungent diesel smell mixes with floral and citrus notes, creating a unique flavor profile. With strong parent genetics, Colin OG S1 offers a potent high that will brighten your day at the risk of forgetting what was on your to-do list.

Black Fire OG - Buddy Boy Brands

A cross between Fire OG and Blackberry Kush. Helpful for those who suffer with pain, spasms, and insomnia; this dark, frosty, dense flower provides the connoisseur with the ultimate long lasting body high.

Bananas & Cherries - Veritas Fine Cannabis

Bananas & Cherries | Indica-Dominant Hybrid (Banana Kush x Cherry Puff)   

Benefits: Increased Appetite, Pain Relief, Promoted Sleep

Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, B-Caryophyllene

Take your mind and body into a euphoric state of tranquility and relaxation, granting a sedating feeling sure to alleviate built up stress. A strong banana and earthy aroma immediately greets your nose followed by notes of sweet cherries. This is the perfect strain to unwind with a movie and your favorite snacks.

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