Purple Punch - Verde Natural

A fruity full bodied flavor with complimentary hints of pine vanilla and cream.

Banana Punch - Verde Natural

A heavy hitting strain with pops of banana, pineapple and clementine.

Trifecta w/ Silver Summit Flower - The Green Solution

Made popular by the film Pineapple Express, this 1.75g joint is hand-rolled with Silver Summit flower, great for sharing with friends!

Terpwin Station - Terrapin Care Station

With feelings like euphoria and a slight cerebral buzz accompanying beautiful, terpene filled trichomes, Terpwin Station from the Woods Select Reserve is truly the perfect pre-happy hour strain!

Terpwin Station: King Palm Roll - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

Terpwin Station King Palm pre roll.  Sweet mandarin with a bit of Gas.  The King Palm ensures a smooth slow burn.

Super Lemon Haze - Verde Natural

A sweet citrusy aroma backed by a tart lemon skunk flavor.

Quattro Kush - Høst Cannabis Co.

Quattro Kush - A rare, super stank, heavy hitting indica. Quattro Kush lingers on the palate with a bold and unforgettable terpene profile that just won’t quit. Some might say QK has a slightly offensive aroma, while others can’t get enough. The perfect way to end your evening with a powerful night cap.

Garlic Road: 3.5g Pre-Roll Pack - Seed and Smith

The Seed & Smith Pre-Roll pack is the next level of convenience for the on-the-go smoker. These joints are a half gram of consistent and reliable highs every time because they are produced using 100% flower with no fillers. Packaged in a sturdy and discreet case that makes carrying your favorite strains easy and accessible.

Guava - Den-Rec

A super productive sativa with deep, pungent notes of diesel giving it an exceptionally strong terpene profile. Thick, dense flower with long, light orange pistils.

Black Hole - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

A CGC original, there is nothing else like it. Smells and tastes of Grape Pie with just enough gas to keep you coming back. This strain offers both high THC and CBD Potency. The high is a nice full body high, but uplifting. If you like the Flower you’re gonna love the concentrates.

ABV Pre-Roll 7-Pack: Nina Limone (S) - ABV Cannabis Co.

Our Nina Limone is known for its lanky Sativa structure, floral and fruity nose, and high levels of CBGA. This strain produces heavy cerebral effects with notedly less anxiety and raciness than other potent Sativa strains. This strain rolled up in the ABV half gram joints is the perfect addition to your active day. Grab a pack of ABV pre-rolls and enjoy responsibly!

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