Animal Cookies Premium Live Rosin - Habana Extracts

The Sweet gas with a hint of Dough really packs a punch of earthy terpenes on the inhale and a smooth sweet finish on the exhale.

Chemmy Jones Live Rosin Badder - Dablogic

Coming from the Verde Natura living-soil gardens, Chemmy Jones produced a delectable sour profile from the Thai/East Coast Sour Diesel background of the Casey Jones. Our award-winning, divine magical trichomes captured the lovely gassy notes alongside a heavenly high from the Chemdawg.

Dosi D’Oh Live Rosin - Nokhu Labs

Created using premium, in house, fresh frozen flower, our Live Rosin is small batch, full spectrum, and cold cured. Our battered consistency is easy to work with and brings out the full terpene profile. The Dosi D’oh strain from Ethos is a “go to” genetic at Nokhu for its high yields and fantastic nose and affect.

Forbidden Cookies Live Rosin - Äkta

A blend of GMO, Frozen Grapes and Forbidos. This Live Rosin reminds one of a fine honey, wet and sugary with a glossy sheen. THC heavy and carrying a robust terpene profile bringing earthy and garlic notes to the forefront, followed by a wave of sweet grapes and sour fruit. The effects are soothing and ideal for relaxation and pain-relief.

GMO Cold Cure Live Rosin - Äkta

This creamy Cold-Cured Badder is high in THC and CBGa with a funky aroma and complex taste carrying earthy and savory notes that bring garlic, coffee and a tinge of sweet gas to mind. The effects are relaxing, euphoric and border on psychedelic at higher doses, making it a great tool to relax and unwind the mind and body.

Grape Guava Pie: Full-Spectrum Live Hash Rosin - Mighty Melts

We took the best of our premium Grape Guava and Guava Pie genetics and combined them to find the best terp profile; the 40μm to 179μm blend highlights a variety of cannabinoids.  With notes of jet fuel and purple Kool-Aid, this Grape Guava Pie packs a smooth punch!  Psychoactive effects showcase deep body relaxation and an overall clear-headed high.

Guava Dawg Jam - Terpman & Rosin

From the same wash as the Guava Dawg Live Rosin badder comes the Guava Dawg Jam. A unique solventless separation where the terpenes are completely separated from the Cannabinoids and re-introduced. A Delta-9 packed extraction that will leave you heavily medicated.

Guava Dawg Live Rosin - Terpman & Rosin

Guava Dawg is an Indica dominant strain with a mango and cream terpene profile. This cold cure badder is made from the 160u-73u water hash.

GuavZ #5 - Olio

The GuavZ #5 flavor starts with a tropical melon spice note and finishes with a sour candy funk. With a near instant effect, it leaves you smiling and wanting more.

Hazelnut Cream Live Rosin Badder - Dablogic

Hazelnut Cream produces a nutty, creamy, mango, and cheese aroma.  It’s genetic background-Miami Haze x Cookies and Cream-produces a tolerable high but floors the room once the jar is open.  With flowers sourced from 100% Verde Natural living-soil gardens, we have honed in this profile over time and are proud to have it on a constant rotation in the lab.

Papaya Mon Live Rosin - Kush Masters

A cross of Papaya Cake & Tally Mon. Many different fruity notes on this batch, including Banana, Papaya, and sweet pastries. The color is blonde, and like the others and packs a serious punch. Something you can smoke all day, everyday!

Papaya Santo Live Rosin - Kush Masters

A cross of Papaya Cake & Trop Santo. Very fruity smell with a beautiful blonde color. This one will be an uplifting high that might leave you wanting to try it again.

Peach Genome Rosin Batter - Sunshine Extracts

Consisting of Peach Oz and GMO the Peach Genome is a delicate dance of intertwining flavors. The sweet persistent notes of peaches underscored by the rich earthiness of the GMO create a flavor reminiscent of a sour mash of peaches just beginning to ferment. Soft and dripping in terpenes this batter is perfect for engaging in something creative or relaxing.

Slurricane #1 - Olio

Our Slurricane pheno is an in house favorite. It coats your tastebuds with a delicious sweet berry cereal and milk flavor that lingers on the palate. It provides a tranquil high that lasts and is great for everyday activities.

Tropaya - CGC Black Label

Tropaya combines the iconic Tropicana Cookies with the highly sought after Papaya strain to create an amazingly flavorful, fruit-forward profile that is easily enjoyable at any time of day. This hash rosin is a solventless lovers holy grail!

Wedding Cake Rosin Sap - Sunshine Extracts

The Wedding Cake greets you with a sour peppery diesel the moment you open the jar. The sap consistency features a sparkling clutch of micro crystals suspended in a pool of thick liquid terpene. The high tends to be creative, sedative, and potent. A complex symphony of flavors, the wedding cake has something for any discerning connoisseur.

Strawnana Badder - Verde Natural

Bright notes of strawberry & sugar cane blended into a creamy flavor.

Strawnana Sap - Verde Natural

Bright notes of strawberry & sugar cane blended into a creamy flavor.

Jamband Rosin - Apothecary Extracts

Our delectable Jamband Rosin is a cross between T.R.U.T.H and Headband. This extra stinky, super strong, hard hitting strain is definitely for the gassy lovers out there! Jamband begins with an unbelievable aroma of stinky cheese and spices. Once inhaled, Jamband explodes with a combination of flavors, so potent, and so cheesey. Jamband will always remain a true favorite of many, for years to come.

Wedding Cake - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

This high THC potency tastes of sweet & tangy with a touch of pepper. Can help with street and anxiety, with a relaxed and happy high. Enjoy this in flower or concentrate.

Afgahni Peach - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

Afgahni Kush x Papaya.  This strain will have you coming back for more.  A smooth fruity strain with a strong head high.

Poon Tang Pie Full Spectrum Live Rosin Batter - Single Source Colorado

Poon Tang Pie (Grape Pie X Tropicanna Cookies) X Papaya, from Oni Seed Co/Harrypalms is a terpene-rich, hash monster!  High yields, amazing flavor and potency make the PTP a favorite in the Single Source Garden.

Juice Man #6 - Olio

A true terpene explosion! A cross between Fabuloso and Papaya, our #6 pheno leans heavy on the Papaya notes. It’s floral, tropical, and sweet, with just a twang of funk to round it all out. Think Papaya candy, or a scented marker from the 90’s. This strain is just as great for its uplifting effects as it is for its terpenes!

Strawberry Ice cream - Olio

This strain is no different from a great, creamy dessert... perfect after a long day. packed with fruity flavors - bananas and strawberries - that pair so well with a sweet cream finish.

Strawberry Guava Private Reserve - Allgreens

This rosin was made from our favorite pheno of Strawberry Guava bred by Oni Seed Co. We pressed only the juiciest heads (90u - 120u), which we refer to as our Private Reserve. It has a nice, sweet flavor profile - like a tropical smoothie with hints of strawberries, bananas, and papayas. It has become a staple in the Allgreens garden.

Papaya - Options

Take your taste buds on a tropical vacation.

Glueball Live Rosin - Nokhu Labs

Cold Cured, Full Spectrum Live Rosin (45-120 micron), single press.  Glueball is a cross between GG#4 and Snowball.

Cookies n Cream Live Rosin - Kush Masters

This rosin has a sweet creamy flavor profile that tastes like cereal milk on Saturday morning. The appearance of this rosin comes in a beautiful light budder consistency.

Wedding Cake Live Rosin Jam - Kush Masters

This consistency is super easy to dab and has that classic gassy wedding cake flavor profile. This rosin is sure to leave you wanting another dab.

Tropicanna Cookies - Live Solventless Hash Oil - Dablogic

DABLOGIC Live Solventless Hash Oil is processed using only reverse osmosis water, ice, heat and pressure. This batch utilized freshly-frozen, organically fed, living soil grown Tropicanna Cookies from Verde Natural. This Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie cross is dominated by the terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene.

Strawberry Guava Private Reserve SHO (Strawberry Banana x Papaya) -

Our Strawberry Guava Private Reserve SHO is a smooth smoking, flavonoid powerhouse providing sharp notes of spearmint candy upon inhale blossoming into a tart strawberry-yogurt and guava finish. Strawberry Guava will leave the user experiencing a wave of euphoria great for depression and anxiety that soon gives way to relaxing sedation.

Sour Banana Cake- Rosin Sauce - Sundance Gardens

Wedding Cake x Dosidos x Sour Banana Kush Think Banana "Now or Later". Sweet creamy banana and sour cherries will take your senses to a new level. The sub 90% potency will hit hard and fast, soon putting you in a full body high.

Papaya Cake - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

(Papaya OG x Afghani Kush) x Wedding Cake. Powerful aromas of Sweet Cream and Peaches. Your palate will find the blend of peach, papaya and melon irresistible. While the high relaxes away the day.

Lyon Fruit - OLIO

A blend of two of our in house favorites, Hat trick 5 is a tangerine heavy, sweet, yet subtly gassy pheno. Juiuceman 6 is a burst of tropical flavors; papaya and peach candy. These two terp profiles combine in perfect harmony with a scent that reminds you of an island paradise. The peach tropical up front flavors seamlessly ease into the tangie citrus.

Chem De La 91 Live Headstash Rosin - Lama Brand/Bgood

Chem De La 91 is a cross of two Chem legends, the Chem de la Chem and the Chem 91 by Top Dawg Genetics, Top Dawg Seeds.  This pheno was selected by Lama Brand and washed and squished by the solventless master Kennnwall.  The best of the best trichome heads were selected for the squish.  This pheno leans towards the 91, with a gassy, rubber flave!

Butterscotch - Kush Masters

The Butterscotch Rosin made from fresh frozen product and meticulously extracted by our rosin master using classic bubble hashing techniques and a Longs Peak Press from Pure Pressure will provide on of the best smokes in the Colorado market. We guarantee it!

Panama Kush - Sweet Mary Jane

Looking for an amazing solventless option? Sweet Mary Jane’s Panama Kush Rosin budder offers up a flavorful, clean high, with terpenes intact . Processed with fresh, premium bud & without the use of any foreign substances so you never have to worry about remaining solvents impacting your high or health.

Cheese Cake Rosin - Sundance Gardens

Exclusively Grown by Sundance Gardens, powered by Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates, there is no other strain like it. Sweet Fruit-like candy with a smooth Cheese finish.

Toxic Chem - Essential Extracts

We combined two of our favorite flavor profiles from the garden at The Herbal Cure to create our Toxic Chem Solventless Sauce. Our Solventless Sauce is made using just water, ice, and pressure. We have been hard at work to provide the newest and best Solventless concentrates on the market!

Twice Baked Cookies - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

TwiceBaked Cookies by CGC. Smooth, creamy and full of terps. Dab enthusiasts will enjoy the taste of fresh baked cookies on the palate while the Durban Poison provides an energetic uplifting high. Not all Rosin is Created Equal.

Strawberries and Cream Premium Rosin - OLIO

“The Strawberries and Cream conjures a seductive nocturne. Cookies dripping in a bouquet of floral fruits led by the strawberry will literally make your mouth water. Presenting you with a classy relaxing high, the Strawberries and Cream provides a small refute from the world to ease a weary spirit.” -Samuel McDuffee

THCA Isolate - NectarBee by The Green Solution

Unlock the power of the crystals and embrace the future of cannabis! Isolate from NectarBee is no ordinary product. Consistently testing at 99.99%, devoid of terpenes, and boasting clear, glass-like crystals, our isolate boasts the pure, clean experience you expect from isolate, every time.

Sour Strawnana - Dab Logic

Hand washed in a ice bath from a mix of fresh frozen Sour Face and Strawberry Banana Sherbet (grown by Verde Natural), pressed into Live SHO (solventless hash oil aka “rosin”) from resulting 90μ Ice Oil (water hash). Overwhelming fruity flavor with a hint of sour at the end. Balanced high and guaranteed to stink up the room once opened.

Kosher Witches - BGood

Kosher Witches Live Rosin processed by Kenn Wall from Nomad Extracts. Fresh frozen whole plant blend of Kosher Kush and Witches Weed, washed and pressed by Kenn Wall. These two flavors come together with a delicious OG sweetness!

Bruce Banner #3 - L’eagle

Pungent and potent, Bruce Banner #3 rosin is made in house at L’Eagle and pressed with Clean Green Certified kief. Bruce Banner #3 has some of the highest THC content that L’Eagle has ever produced and brings an incredibly clear high, making it a fan favorite.

Golden Strawberry #5 - Fox Cannabis

Golden strawberry #5 Whole Plant Non Solvent Rosin. Extracted from cold reverse osmosis water and ice giving you an abundant terpene filled product containing a sweet aroma and taste. This leaves you with an uplifting high, and a feeling of comfort and relaxation throughout.

Original cheese - Allgreens

Using just Ice and Water to isolate the Trichomes, then drying and preserving them in the best possible way we know.  Selecting only the perfectly terpene filled, all to bring them to you just like they are right off the living plant.    

Bruce Banner #3 -

Pungent and potent, Bruce Banner #3 rosin is made in house at L’Eagle and pressed with Clean Green Certified kief. Bruce Banner #3 has some of the highest THC content that L’Eagle has ever produced and brings an incredibly clear high, making it a fan favorite.

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