Solventless Vape

Candy Man Rosin Pen - Olio

The Candy Man rosin pen is a mix of our Juice Man#6 and Pudding Pop strains. The combo of the two makes for a strong papaya type flavor on the front end leaving you with earthy kush tones on the exhale. The Girl Scout Cookies in the Pudding Pop provides a relaxing calming experience.

Forbidden Cookies Live Rosin Vape Cartridge - Äkta

A trio of heavy-hitters in GMO, Frozen Grapes and Forbidos. The flavor carries over excellently making this a prime Live Rosin Vaping experience, with the unmistakable garlic and earthy profile of GMO dominating the front end followed by notes of sweet grapes and sour fruit on the backend. Accompanied by relaxing and pain-relieving effects, this is the perfect nighttime vape.

Key Lime Cookies Solventelss Cartridge - Dablogic

A tropical sensation captured in our patented solventless vape cart process, with Verde Natural living-soil flowers for the highest of trichome offerings. Key Lime Cookies is a limited mixed batch of Tropicanna Cookies and Key Lime Pie, offering a burst of citrus but finishes with a sultry yet smooth lime profile.

Palisade Honey Solventless Pen - Sunshine Extracts

Named after Colorado’s Palisade peaches the Palisade honey combines Peach oz and Honey Banana for a mouth watering experience. Floral and sweet these two unique genetics combine to form a rich tapestry of flavors defined by their unique fruitiness. Made of 100% cold cured rosin this cartridge offers a peaceful wind down to your evening wrapped in the flavors of a summer day.

Papaya Cake Live Rosin Vape Cartridge - Äkta

The name speaks for itself. Tropical notes of sour papaya blend seamlessly with hints of creamy cake and sour lemons. The effects lean towards a more sedated, couch-locking experience, though at smaller doses it can be quite uplifting and focused. A memorable Live Rosin vaping experience that will bring the tropics to you.

Strawpaya Solventless Cartridge - Dablogic

Our patented solventless vape cart process provides a top-notch experience for this batch of Strawpaya. By sourcing quality flowers from our Verde Natural living-soil garden, this combination of Strawnana and Papaya is exactly what we are looking for from these cultivars; fruit overload for the fruit-heads.

Papaya - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

This cross of the Afghan Landrace strain and papaya results in a smooth sweet taste of peach and melon. Its effect is indica and relaxing, with a cerebral high that fogs the mind, ideal after a hard day’s work.

Hazelnut Cream - Verde Natural

Rich velvety cheese flavors blended with brighter notes of watermelon.

Chem Star - Invicta

Our solventless live resin cartridges are made using pure cannabis oil from fresh frozen material and ice water extraction. We do not use any fillers or cutting agents in our oil for additional flavor or viscosity purposes. Chem Star is a blend of The White x Chemdog 4 and Dark Star strains grown by MiNDFUL. The flavor and aroma from this cartridge should be piney and earthy with notes of lemon and blackberry. Since the lineage on these strains are all mostly indica you can expect a calming, sedative high. This cart is perfect for your next end of the day relaxation session.

Trop Cookies Rosin Cart - Olio

Tropicanna Cookies is a simple cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. You’ll immediately notice the smoothness of the cookies on the inhale. When exhaled, the perfect balance between sweet citrus and sour tangerine is achieved. Be ready because this one will wake you up with a sativa dominant high.

1.0mL VapeIT: Lieffa Super Lemon Sherbert - Canyon

If you are looking for a lively, euphoric high, Super Lemon Sherbert is the strain for you, giving a rush of energy followed by a mellow but strong focus. We use uncut, ethanol free, terpene rich CO2 oil extracted from trusted, high quality cannabis sources. This sativa dominant hybrid smells of lemon zest and berries, and has a strong profile of Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Pinene terpenes. Super Lemon Sherbert will sweeten any situation!

Glueball: Live Rosin, Solventless Hash Oil Cartridge - Nokhu Labs

Glueball (GG4xSnowball), Live Rosin cartridge.  100% Cannabis oil, single strain, no additives, no re-introduced terpenes.

Pyramid Live Rosin Pax Pod: Faceoff OG - Pyramid

This powerhouse isn't for beginners. Dizzying euphoria goes straight to the head in an intensely psychoactive experience best reserved for veteran consumers. Thanks to our Live Rosin Tech, you experience each rich terpene as they permeate in your mouth.

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