Wild Card

GMO Live Rosin - Kush Masters

A cross of Chemdawg & Girl Scout Cookies. Offensive smell of Garlic, gas and FUNK! This batch has an amazing blonde color and a soft budder consistency to match. This Rosin will sit someone down, most likely horizontal on their couch!

Guava Lemonade - Hybrid Rosin Gummy - Nokhu Labs

The Nokhu Labs Guava Lemonade Rosin Gummies represent the evolution of Cannabis edibles for the true connoisseur. Using solventless extraction techniques, these full spectrum gummies provide a more complete cannabinoid and terpene profile, providing an unmatched edible experience.

HRVST x Metta Hemp CBN Sleep Vape Cart - HRVST Labs

Our high CBN Sleep Cartridges contain a proprietary blend of Cannabinoids and Terpenes to promote restful sleep. Our team went through many formulations to ensure that these will not only taste great (a majority of the cartridge is live sauce), but will assist in a deeper sleep.

PURE Dispenser - Refined Cannabinoids -

5x refined cannabinoids. Nothing added. Whether it’s for refilling vape cartridges, directly dabbing from the syringe or making edibles at home, these borosilicate dispensers are the perfect universal method for utilizing refined cannabinoids. Includes blunt tip needle.

Pure Oil Cartridge- Gorilla Glue - Focused Labs

FLO Pure Oil cartridges contain winterized CO2 oil that has more cannabinoids and a smoother taste than distillate. While distillate seeks to maximize THC at the expense of other cannabinoids, Pure Oil embraces the need for a variety of cannabinoids and provides a synergistic effect that closely resembles smoking bud. We call it flower in a cart! This variety was infused with Gorilla Glue cannabis derived terpenes. A great tasting and smooth hybrid cartridge unlike anything on the market and only made with the highest quality trim and hardware. Enjoy!

Sour Strawberry Nano Tonic - Green Treets

Fast acting, water based nano encapsulated THC that is intended as an alternative to smoking, but delivers a comparable effect.

Strain: Clementine- Sativa Product: Bumble Blunt - NectarBee

This hemp-wood tip blunt is filled with a blend of premium Clementine Flower, Maui Wowie Bubble Hash, and Clementine Live Resin before being strategically painted with distillate and rolled in the same Maui Wowie Bubble Hash. The unique design of this citrusy blunt provides consumers with a beautiful, potent, and flavorful experience unlike any other.

Stratos DabTabs Live Resin/Spookies strain - Stratos

Stratos DabTabsTM are a new vapeable tablet concentrate created with cannabis oil (distillate via CO2 extraction) and naturally derived terpenes. The ceramic tablets are made in the United States. DabTabs can be used in a vaporizer, dab rig or a variety of other devices.

Fire 3 Ring Caviar Cone/Inferno Caviar - Peak

Fire 3 Ring is made with premium flower, 3 raw oil and dry sift kief rings. Inferno has premium flower, raw oil and dry sift kief. Hand-crafted with over a hour burn time.

Pressies Functionally Enhanced Cannabis Pills: ENERGY - Pressies

Pressies Energy gives you the effects you need, with the cannabis you want. This tiny pill that packs a punch with an energizing formulation of caffeine, ginseng, B-vitamins and THC.

Pure Oil White Cookies - Focused Labs

Pure CO2 oil is like smoking flower in a cartridge! By not distilling the oil, we are able to preserve more terpenes and cannbinoids than distillate provides.  If you are looking for the flower experience in a cartridge, you have come to the right place.  This strain is a potent  sativa called White Cookies.  It is a high energy strain with great taste.  Enjoy and find us in select stores at focusedlabs.com.

Alchemy Live: Electric Lemon G -

Electric Lemon G is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) that is a cross of the powerful G13 (X Lemon G) X Northern Lights #5. Electric Lemon G contains citrus flavors with a burst of energy that is perfect for a wake-and-bake. Each inhale brings flavors of delicious tangy citrus accented by an earthy undertone. The smell is even more impressive, with rich notes of lemon. The Electric Lemon G high is just as eye-opening as the flavor, with a lifted high that will get you ready to go no matter what your day brings.

Supernova Cone - The Green Solution

A cannabis cigar painted with live resin, papered, painted with distillate and rolled in live Trichomes.

First Matter Alchemy Crystals - First Matter

First Matter Alchemy Crystals are the result of years of lab experiments and science. The ability to extract pure THCa from cannabis and create an environment conducive to the growth of THCa crystals is required to form pure Alchemy Crystals...And time,  the process cannot be rushed if beautiful, faceted, pure Crystals are the goal.  Our process structurally bonds THCa molecules together leaving no room for impurities or poor crystal structure. The end result is a perfect, power-packed dab!  First Matter Alchemy Crystals...the Crown Jewel of Potency.

GMO Lebanese Hash - The Greenery Hash Factory

The Lebanese Hash is beautiful with its blonde interior and darkened exterior, and the color striations come from the rich oil that’s released during the process. To make our Lebanese, we select only the best trichome-rich kief that’s blonde in color, and we craft in small batches. Expect a fresh, flower-forward taste, and a potent hash high from our traditional Lebanese Hash.

Jilly the Kid Moroccan Hash - The Greenery Hash Factory

The Moroccan Hash starts with potent kief that’s decarboxylated to darken the kief and enhance the THC, and then it’s carefully rolled into one-gram balls by hand. The resulting hash is deep and pungent with the relaxing high one would expect from classic hash.

Abomination OG - Kush Masters

This cross of Bruce Banner and Venom OG is one of our favorite flavors to date. If you ever wanted to feel like the Abominable Snowman and the Hulk this one is definitely for you. Enjoy this super clean gassy flavor!

Clementine Limone Live Diamonds - Kush Masters

This cross of Clementine and Flo Limone is an extremely powerful, fruit forward dab. It is a citrusy punch that will climb up your face and out of your nose! A picture perfect concentrate!

Trifecta - The Green Solution

The perfect pre-roll for impressing the masses, this cross-shaped joint is packed with 2.5 grams of premium, strain-specific flower.

Rook - Native Roots

Native Roots' pre-rolled hemp blunt, the Rook, features a tobacco-free and nicotine-free hemp blunt cone. The Rook delivers a classic smooth, slow-burning blunt experience with flavorful hints of Cacao, Vanilla, and Maté Tea. Find The Rook exclusively at Native Roots.

Moroccan Hash - The Greenery Hash Factory

We decarb our refined Kief to maximize potency and create subtle changes to the plant's terpene profile for a modern take on this classic favorite.

Lebanese Hash - The Greenery Hash Factory

Lebanese Hash begins with dry-aged Kief that’s pure and potent. Our proprietary manufacturing process crafts our authentic Lebanese hash that’s just waiting for a flame to release its potency.

IgadI Fusion - Cherry Cookies - igadi

The ultimate vaporizable form of cannabis concentrate, combining 0.5g of Distilled THC and 0.5g of our most Premium Live Resins. The end result is a concentrate that embodies all of the natural flavor components of the original cannabis plant contained in our Live Resin with the smooth potency of Distilled THC.

Gelatto #33 / 1:1 CBD:HTE Cartridge - Ascend

The modern cannabis lifestyle is a perfect fit for CBD dominant extracts and Ascend is Colorado's leading Recreational CBD concentrate company. Cannabidiol is best known for its non-psychoactive benefits, with the potential to deliver relief without intoxication. Our latest innovation combines single strain cannabis High Terpene Extract and CBD in a perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio cartridge. This is a revolutionary approach to wellness.

Distillate Infused Beverage Enhancer - Koala Edibles

"Squeeze More into Your Day" - This distillate infused Beverage Enhancer is game changing.  Available in 8 amazing flavors.  Add to any bottled beverage for people "On the GO".  Ultra-Discreet.  Take it with you to a concert, sporting event or airport.

Danky Kong - The Flower Collective


We start with flower rich in terpenes and strain-specific bubble hash blended at a 5:1 ratio.  The blend is then loaded into hemp leaf wraps and hand-inspected for consistency, ensuring a smooth and potent toke.

Cereal Berries - Live, Solventless Hash Oil Cartridge - Dablogic

The world’s first LIVE solventless hash cartridge by DABLOGIC! Our hashish is exclusively made with Verde’s freshly-frozen, living soil grown cannabis and extracted using only ice, water, heat and pressure. Our cartridges are 100% cannabis--NO propylene glycol, MCT oil or synthetic ingredients. Cereal Berries, a sweet blend of Hazelnut Cream, Strawnana and Citrus Berry, calms the mind without heavy sedation.

Cannabutter - Sweet Grass

You asked. We answered. It's the full-flower cannabutter from Sweet Grass you know and love, and now you can make it your own. At 10mg a slice and 100mg total, your cooking conquests and home infusions just got even butter - err, better. Spread it on some toast, drop a dollop in your coffee, toss it in your favorite baking recipe or get real fancy and lather up a steak. Anyone else drooling yet? The possibilities for your canna-coctions are endless.

Alien Glue - Cheech's Private Stash

Great look and nose, very dense bud structure bright green leaves, thick layers of milky trichomes. Sour piney aroma with a slightly citric zest. Mellow effects, this Indica dominant strain has you looking for the couch and your favorite munchie.

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