Stardust Cultivation

Stardust Dream - Stardust Cultivation

Stardust Dream is a golden and potent shatter made entirely in house from clone to shatter. We use our indica leaning Stardust Kush and our exceptional Blue Dream to create a hybrid shatter that provides the best of both worlds. It is both relaxing on the body and stimulating to the mind. Stardust’s concentrates and flower can be found all along the front range, and it remains out of this world!

Pure Oil Cartridge- Gorilla Glue - Focused Labs

FLO Pure Oil cartridges contain winterized CO2 oil that has more cannabinoids and a smoother taste than distillate. While distillate seeks to maximize THC at the expense of other cannabinoids, Pure Oil embraces the need for a variety of cannabinoids and provides a synergistic effect that closely resembles smoking bud. We call it flower in a cart! This variety was infused with Gorilla Glue cannabis derived terpenes. A great tasting and smooth hybrid cartridge unlike anything on the market and only made with the highest quality trim and hardware. Enjoy!

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