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Blue Skunk Live Sugar Sauce Infused King Palm - High Level Health

The Blue Skunk Live Sugar Sauce Infused King Palm is our newest and most exciting product we have developed at High Level Health. The King Palm is an awesome natural wrap that gives you a slow burning quality smoke. We paired it with our award-winning Blue Skunk flower and infused it with Live Blue Skunk Sugar Sauce. This provides a full flavor experience of blueberry muffins with a great earthy funk.

Stardust Dream - Stardust Cultivation

Stardust Dream is a golden and potent shatter made entirely in house from clone to shatter. We use our indica leaning Stardust Kush and our exceptional Blue Dream to create a hybrid shatter that provides the best of both worlds. It is both relaxing on the body and stimulating to the mind. Stardust’s concentrates and flower can be found all along the front range, and it remains out of this world!

Guava Gelato - Den-Rec

A combination of the exceptionally pungent Guava and beautiful Gelato 33, offers you a very unique sweet diesel terpene profile. Provides a euphoric affect that excites and uplifts the mind.

Hazelnut Cream Live Rosin Badder - Dablogic

Hazelnut Cream produces a nutty, creamy, mango, and cheese aroma.  It’s genetic background-Miami Haze x Cookies and Cream-produces a tolerable high but floors the room once the jar is open.  With flowers sourced from 100% Verde Natural living-soil gardens, we have honed in this profile over time and are proud to have it on a constant rotation in the lab.

Golden Goat Platinum FSE - Options

One of Mr. Dank’s finest creations! Golden Goat was created by accident in Topeka, Kansas, when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated Mr. Dank’s Island Sweet Skunk. The scent is described as being a combination of sweet, sour, and spicy, with a tropical fruit flavor. Its full-body effects provide a delightful rush of euphoria and creative spark. A very popular strain in Colorado that never seems to get old - this Platinum FSE is an amazing example of the plants profile. You’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Tropaya - CGC Black Label

Tropaya combines the iconic Tropicana Cookies with the highly sought after Papaya strain to create an amazingly flavorful, fruit-forward profile that is easily enjoyable at any time of day. This full melt hash is solventless in its most pure form!

Live Blue Skunk Cartridge - High Level Health

The Live Blue Skunk Cartridge is an excellent option for someone on-the-go looking for a full spectrum experience. The upfront blueberry muffin flavor is complemented well with a great earthy undertone.

Cherry Pie - Modern Flower

Not your traditional Cherry Pie. When you vape this pie, you’ll be sure to indulge in a sweet tartness with finishing notes of pine. As Warrant describes, “She’s my cherry pie; cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise; tastes so good, makes a grown man cry; Sweet Cherry Pie!”

Candy Man Rosin Pen - Olio

The Candy Man rosin pen is a mix of our Juice Man#6 and Pudding Pop strains. The combo of the two makes for a strong papaya type flavor on the front end leaving you with earthy kush tones on the exhale. The Girl Scout Cookies in the Pudding Pop provides a relaxing calming experience.

Wedding Cake - Modern Flower

Lose yourself in this sweet & sugary flavor, without the guilt. You’ll be left with hints of vanilla dancing on your taste buds. Enjoy the honeymoon!

Feather GO Move (Cantaloupe Flavored) Distillate Disposable - The Lab

Feather GO Move disposables are filled with distilled Delta-9-THC and botanically derived cantaloupe terpenes. Each disposable is discreet, long lasting and can be used as a mood-enhancer for any time of day or night.

Chocolate Peanut-Butter Truffle - NectarBee

Feeling nutty? Then you’ll love NectarBee’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle. This bite-sized chocolate truffle shell is delicately filled with a creamy, distillate-infused peanut butter ganache and topped with crushed peanuts. Made with the highest quality extracts and ingredients, this irresistible treat is destined to be a palate pleaser.

Escape Artists 20:1 Lavender Relief Cream - Escape Artists

Escape Artists 20:1 Lavender Relief Cream is a concentrated, highly bioavailable formula designed to deliver our blend of pure cannabinoids quickly to areas needing relief. Fast penetration for deep muscle tissue discomfort. Water based cream, not greasy, non staining. Each container infused with 800mg CBD isolate, 40mg THC distillate (20:1 ratio) net wt. 2.0oz. | 57g | 59ml.

GMO Live Rosin - Kush Masters

A cross of Chemdawg & Girl Scout Cookies. Offensive smell of Garlic, gas and FUNK! This batch has an amazing blonde color and a soft budder consistency to match. This Rosin will sit someone down, most likely horizontal on their couch!

1:1 Lavender Cream - Escape Artists

Escape Artists topical creams are formulated to enhance the delivery of CBD and THC.Unlike your standard topical, The Escape Artists 1:1 topical formula promotes rapid absorption of cannabinoids at the application site for quick and effective relief, without the oily, staining residue of a salve. Leaflink List Winner 2018 & 2019 for the fastest growing and best selling topical in the cannabis industry!

Up Tempo - Mezz

Up Tempo is a 7:3 THC:CBD blend that will fill your day with loads of energy and unfiltered happiness. It’s formulated using best in class CO2 extraction techniques and contains no additives or cutting agents — just clean botanical terpenes for a subtle mixed berry flavor. The 70% sativa to 30% CBD ratio brings an upbeat yet balanced high.

Pyramid Live Rosin Pax Pod: Faceoff OG - Pyramid

This powerhouse isn't for beginners. Dizzying euphoria goes straight to the head in an intensely psychoactive experience best reserved for veteran consumers. Thanks to our Live Rosin Tech, you experience each rich terpene as they permeate in your mouth.

Pineapple Express Wax - Steve's Goods

Broad Spectrum Pineapple Express Wax.

Northern Standard Experimental Series: Sambuca - Northern Standard

Sambuca may be the most interesting and flavorful cannabis vape on the market today. The Experimental Series is an exploration of flavors and effects derived from non-cannabis terpenes. But unlike competing distillate vape products flavored with synthetic or off-the-shelf additives, Northern Standard has extracted terpenes from the most fragrant and flavorful herbs and spices here in house and reincorporated them into high potency cannabis distillate.

Garlic Sherbert - Billo

Our Garlic Sherbert blends the gassy bite of GMO, with the sweet aroma of Blue Sherbert. This creates a cerebral high that clears your mind and sets the body free. This boutique phenotype makes for a fantastic all day smoke.

Blue Skunk (DJ Short Blueberry x Skunk 1) - High Level Health

Blue skunk has a strong, clear Indica high that is long lasting and relaxing. The sweet smell of blueberries will fill your nose as you enjoy this strain. This amazing terpene profile boast blueberry muffins and dank earthy tones. The flavor stands out among most strains as its flavor transfers over from smell to the taste of blueberry upfront flavor with layers of earth. A favorite of employees and customers alike.

Platinum Sunrise (Platinum Valley x Passion Orange Guava) - High Level Health

This is a new strain to the High Level Health lineup that brings a very terpene filled experience for Sativa fans. Platinum Sunrise has smooth creamy citrus orange flavor with a fruity exhale. The effect is a long lasting and very balanced yet uplifting high, great for a daytime smoke and to bring out creativity.

Koala Krunch: S’Mores - Koala Edibles

Koala Krunch is a brand new way to snack.  Infused with distillate and built for Colorado’s Active Lifestyle.   Take Krunch on hikes, on the slopes or camping.  Experience Koala Edibles today.

Sour Papaya - Olio

Sour Papaya is a strong hybrid cross between Sour Banana and Papaya Punch. The combination of soft & sweet fruit profiles is reminiscent of fresh watermelon. The combination is just as smooth on the inhale as it is on the exhale and will leave you with a sweet floral taste once finished. The hybrid nature of the mixture will stand out afterwards as it offers a very balanced, operational high.

Black Cherry Pie Punch Live Budder - High Level Health

Black Cherry Pie Punch is a wonderful strain for producing some mouth watering concentrates. The Live Budder produced from this strain has a soft and smooth cherry pie flavor with a splash of fruit punch on the back end. It is a great concentrate to enjoy while unwinding after a long day.

Garlic Road: 3.5g Pre-Roll Pack - Seed and Smith

The Seed & Smith Pre-Roll pack is the next level of convenience for the on-the-go smoker. These joints are a half gram of consistent and reliable highs every time because they are produced using 100% flower with no fillers. Packaged in a sturdy and discreet case that makes carrying your favorite strains easy and accessible.

SFV OG - Eureka Vapor

Our SFV OG 500mg disposable encased in our all new carbon fiber hardware is the newest member of the Eureka Vapor family. The rich terpene profile, combined with relaxed yet energetic effects of this strain, make this unit essential for anybody looking to take the edge off while remaining alert and productive.

Cap Hill Kush - Options

Uplifting creative Sativa Hybrid that leaves you craving for more.

Wedding Cake - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

This high THC potency tastes of sweet & tangy with a touch of pepper. Can help with street and anxiety, with a relaxed and happy high. Enjoy this in flower or concentrate.

Peanut Butter Breath Live Caviar - Newt Brothers Artisanal

Our Golden Newt Caviar starts with our meticulously cultivated flower from our clean room facility. Hand selected nugs are perfectly cured and dressed with our finest micron dry-sift kief and then smothered in our in-house live concentrate. The result is a high potency concentrate with a huge flavor that captivates cannabis connoisseurs.

Durban Poison Terp Badder - Harmony Extracts

Durban Poison is a very unique land race strain that has garnered attention for many years. It’s unique terpene profile of lemon-limeade is a favorite among novice and connoisseur smokers alike. Durban creates a uplifting, yet heavy buzz that is sure to last. Terp badder is a CRC wax with terpenes infused back in to give the visual appeal with the true terpene profile of the strain.

Wedding Cake: Bubble Hash -

This high THC potency tastes of sweet & tangy with a touch of pepper. Can help with stress and anxiety, with a relaxed and happy high. Enjoy this in flower or concentrate.

Ghost Dawg - Invicta

Our BHO live resin cartridges are made using pure cannabis oil from fresh frozen material extracted with N-Butane. We do not use any fillers or cutting agents in our oil for additional flavor or viscosity purposes. Ghost Dawg is a cross of OG#3 and I-95 and is grown by MiNDFUL. The flavor and aroma from this cartridge should be sweet, piney and gassy. This strain is an indica dominant strain so you can expect a calming, sedative high. Grab a Ghost Dawg live resin cartridge next time you are looking to have a chill and relaxing time.

Supernova Cone - The Green Solution

A cannabis cigar painted with live resin, papered, painted with distillate and rolled in live Trichomes.

INDVR Fire Dark Chocolate Mint - Cannabis One

A premium disposable vape blend made with organic peppermint essential oil that provides a delicious, invigorating effect. Feel the flavor! In addition, the CO2 extracted cannabis distillate is natural and clean, leading to superior taste and consistent quality.

UK Cheese Sauce - Contraband Concentrates

The UK aka Exodus Cheese clone and Live Resin Sauce methods are a match made in heaven. The post-extraction curing that comes with diamond tech fit perfectly for this terpene profile. Naturally low wax and lipids on the plant seal the deal, making the dab experience just about perfect.

Super Sour Tangie/Craft RESERVE - O.pen Vape

Craft RESERVE is O.penVAPE’s single-origin offering. We start with hand-selected premium cannabis flower and formulate with same-strain, same-batch cannabis terpenes, and put into a C-Cell cartridge technology. Super Sour Tangie’s flavor profile starts with sour lemons on the inhale followed by juicy, fresh picked tangerines on the exhale.

Ghost Train Haze - Chronic Creations

A cross between Ghost OG and Neville's Wreck, these elite genetics combine to make one of the most sought after strains in the world. With rich terpenes that resemble Lemon Pledge and Pinesol cleaners that have sat to sour. These terpenes give the user a intense cerebral high and leaves the flavors lasting on the tongue long after the dab.

Blue Skunk - High Level Health

A genetic cross between Blueberry x Skunk. Its flavor profile is of a blueberry muffin with earthy, cheesy tones on the exhale. This indica hybrid has a heavy high without being sedative. The flower is extremely flavorful and makes for very tasty concentrates that bring out the fresh blueberry muffin notes quite a bit.

Ghost Train Haze -

One of many proper strains from the fine folks at High West Cannabis. The Ghost Train Haze(Ghost OG x Neville's Wreck) shatter is the perfect extract for daytime activities, whether work or play! Sparking creativity & enhanced euphoria without the paranoia, GTH is an all-around winner.

Magik FSE Disposable Vape - Sauce Bros.

Sweet, fermented melons! The Sauce Bros Magik FSE vape is not your ordinary disposable. With CCELL technology, this full-spectrum cartridge is the closest thing to dabbing, minus the nail/banger hassle. Sauce Bros features strain-specific FSE vape cartridges with hand-picked genetics from some of the best cultivators in Colorado. Absolutely zero cutting agents. You'll be hearing the Sauce Bros name more & more in 2019. Be on the lookout!

Strawguava - Dabolio.com

Strawberry Guava (Strawberry Banana x Papaya) - Great indica dominant hybrid pen, perfect for chilling out. Starts with a Sweet Strawberry inhale and finishes with a candied papaya exhale. Reminding you of tropical fruits and a nice sandy beach!

Lyon Fruit - OLIO

A blend of two of our in house favorites, Hat trick 5 is a tangerine heavy, sweet, yet subtly gassy pheno. Juiuceman 6 is a burst of tropical flavors; papaya and peach candy. These two terp profiles combine in perfect harmony with a scent that reminds you of an island paradise. The peach tropical up front flavors seamlessly ease into the tangie citrus.

Cannabutter - Sweet Grass

You asked. We answered. It's the full-flower cannabutter from Sweet Grass you know and love, and now you can make it your own. At 10mg a slice and 100mg total, your cooking conquests and home infusions just got even butter - err, better. Spread it on some toast, drop a dollop in your coffee, toss it in your favorite baking recipe or get real fancy and lather up a steak. Anyone else drooling yet? The possibilities for your canna-coctions are endless.

Heal Muscle Balm - NectarBee

Formulated with a stimulating combination of cayenne pepper and menthol, Muscle Balm provides a simultaneous warming and cooling effect to alleviate acute or chronic pain. A proprietary blend of herbs and essential oils address inflammation, assist circulation, and help to relax tense, overworked muscles, injured tendons, and sore ligaments.

Chocolate Turtles - Honu

Honu Chocolate Turtles consist of a milk chocolate dollop topped with a pretzel, delectable caramel, and a pecan. It is the perfect salty and sweet treat.

CO2 Pure Oil Vape - Focused Labs FLO

Citral Skunk is one of our Full Spectrum High Terpene Extracts. Always strain specific and terpene rich, our CO2 oil vapes provide a flavorful and complete experience. The sweet lemon aftertaste keeps the experience going after exhaling. Citral Skunk is sure to give you an uplifting and energized high.

Archangel Live Alchemy - Evolab

A strain whose genetics are a bit of a mystery, but according to our flavor experts at Evolab it carries wonderful notes of pineapple, lemon, grapefruit fresh flowers, with a robust slightly earthy finish. Evolab Live Alchemy is made using the finest full spectrum CO2 distillate plus strain specific live-extracted terpenes to create a profile that is identical to the original flower

Hat Trick #5 - OLIO

Hat trick #5 is a tangie forward pheno with a sweet candy tangerine punch. It has a subtle finish of gassyness from the triangle Kush.

Jilly B Cookies - Kush Masters

This will absolutely blow you away. With THC% numbers in the high 80s you will be energized after smoking this product. Come party with the Kush Masters and Ms. Jilly Bean! Just don't forget the cookies...

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