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Honestly Herbals THC Pain Stick - The Pat Pen

Honestly Herbal’s THC Pain Stick combines 100% all-natural ingredients and our Co2 extracted cannabis oil to create a powerful topical pain reliever. Peppermint and eucalyptus oils make for a relaxing, aromatic experience. This product is non-psychoactive and rich in vitamins and omega acids that are great for your skin. The deodorant-style container makes it easy to open and apply. This product is a must-try! 

Fresh Ginger T-Free Hemp CBD Concentrate - Soqdet Farms

Grown by North Fork Agriculture in Paonia, CO 

Focusing on Organic Regenerative Agriculture 

Located for purchase on website

Varietal: Cat's Meow

Colors: Passionberry - Evolab

Passionberry Colors is a wonderfully fruity vape oil that combines notes of blueberry and passion fruit with Evolab’s award winning high-potency distillate.

Ripple Green Tea Mango Gummy - Ripple

Ripple Gummies offer a healthy and natural way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. Infused with all-natural fruit juices and colors, low in sugar and fat, and Made with Ripple for a fast-acting, functional experience, our gummy supplements are the perfect complement to your exciting/exhausting lifestyle.

Glueball: Live Rosin, Solventless Hash Oil Cartridge - Nokhu Labs

Glueball (GG4xSnowball), Live Rosin cartridge.  100% Cannabis oil, single strain, no additives, no re-introduced terpenes.

Race Fuel OG (High Octane Pheno OG Kush x Face Off OG) - High Level Health

Race Fuel OG is a Kush lovers dream! It has a sweet OG taste with layers of fruitiness and fuel. The high is a hard hitting punch that mellows out to a quite productive high. It can be used for pain relief without being completely couch locked. A delicious and functional OG strain.

Road Dawg - Golden Leaf

Heavy hitter, great for relaxing while still maintaining a clear head and a decent ability to focus. Often testing above 30% THC, this strain is great for the end of the day. Strong, gassy terps, with a light earthy undertone.

Bazookies - Laughing Grass

A Girl Scout Cookies dominant cross that shares its lineage with Bubblegum. These beautifully structured buds have an interesting array of colors and a very sweet bubblegum terpene profile.

Full Melt Caramels - LivWell Enlightened Health

Delicious is an understatement.  Full Melt’s caramels take you for a slow, smooth ride, pleasantly coasting atop luscious caramel waves of bliss. Made from all-natural white chocolate, butter, and sweet cream, these treats deliver the sweet with juuust a touch of savory. It’s melt-in-your-mouth goodness, simple as that. Blended with pure, house-made cannabis oil for a thoroughly satisfying medicated experience.

Blueberry - Options

Relaxing and euphoric high hiding behind a sweet, fruity flavor.

Black Hole - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

A CGC original, there is nothing else like it. Smells and tastes of Grape Pie with just enough gas to keep you coming back. This strain offers both high THC and CBD Potency. The high is a nice full body high, but uplifting. If you like the Flower you’re gonna love the concentrates.

Bomb Pop - Options

A blast of fruity flavor with hints of Cherry blowing up in your mouth.

Strawnana Tropicana Koolaid - Chronic Creations

Beautiful golden shatter with a sweet fruity citrus aroma! Grown by our friends over at Canna Craft, give them a follow @cannacraftco!

Strawberry Ice cream - Olio

This strain is no different from a great, creamy dessert... perfect after a long day. packed with fruity flavors - bananas and strawberries - that pair so well with a sweet cream finish.

Chemmy Jones Infused Flower - The Greenery Hash Factory

The Infused Flower, commonly referred to as Caviar, is a trifecta of potency. The THC Classic Infused Flower starts with a bud of Chemmy Jones that’s then generously coated with heated distillate; we never thin our distillate with ethanol to make it viscus. The coated bud is then battered with high-testing kief to finish the final step on our infused flower.

Passion Orange Guava Budder - High Level Health

Passion Orange Guava is an excellent strain that was created from our in-house breeding program. It has a deep citrus tropical funk aroma that produces a mouth watering extract. Its flavors will remain on your tongue after exhale allowing you to savor all its glory.

Poon Tang Pie 90u Ice Water Hash - Single Source Colorado

Poon Tang Pie (Grape Pie X Tropicanna Cookies) X Papaya, from Oni Seed Co/Harrypalms is a terpene-rich, hash monster! High yields, amazing flavor and potency make the PTP a favorite in the Single Source Garden.

Platinum Valley Live Cartridge - High Level Health

Platinum Valley is an all time favorite strain of customers and employees. It has been a staple in our genetics pool for a long time and has now been crafted into a Live Cartridge. It has a wonderful earthy lemon haze flavor that is great for daytime enjoyment.

Freeze-Dried Ice Cream - Koala Edibles

Yeah, we went there !!!  This delectable Ice Cream treat is sweet and tart of Key Lime Pie.  Dipped in our very own Key Lime Pie Chocolate and finished with Cinnamon Graham Cracker Crumbles.

Jilly B Cookies -

The Jilly B Cookies Live Resin comes from a beautiful cross of Jilly 13 and GSC from the Lazercat grow. With giant diamonds and perfect terps the Jilly B Cookies should hit the user with a perfect hybrid high, good for any activity!

Sour Kosher 90U - Lama Brand/Bgood

A mixed wash of Sour Diesel and Kosher Kush was used for this run at the Kennnwall lab.  Beach Sand consistency of these isolated, mechanically separated trichome heads in each jar. Sweet and Sour OG Kush flavors come thru with a gassy finish.

Melonberry Chroma Colors - Evolab

Using the finest, high potency CO2 distillate. All natural fruit terpenes are added to create a unique flavor experience to compliment the full spectrum cannabinoid profile of the distillate. Melonberry was originally created by one of our extractors when he accidentally combined our Blueberry and Sweet Melon terpene blends.

Mangosteen - OLIO

(Lemonge + Super Sour Lemon + Sueno) This blend of strains create a strong citrus forward profile. The Lemonge and Super Sour Lemon provide a sweet and hazy lemon note while the Sueno bridges them with a creamy sweetness.

Orange Lime Pie - incredibles

Free of cutting agents, incredibles Liquid Black Label cartridge in Orange Lime Pie (award-winning Orange Soda x Key Lime Pie OG) contains pure, potent distillate infused with a high-terpene fraction derived from superior live resin.  Invigorating to the senses, experience the zest of sparkling, juicy citrus, both tangy and sweet, which pleasantly lingers on the palate after exhalation.


A superb mixture of our award winning Cookie Dough, and Miracle Alien Cookies. Sweet cookie terpene, dominate this blend, giving you a rich flavor profile.

Ewok - Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Our Ewok strain has a spaced-out fruit aroma that reeks. Her Glossy look alerts you to the upcoming rush of terps. Fired up by the celestial taste of spicy orange and mixed with tangerine, then intermingled with the heady aroma of every Star Wars fan: Kush. A must taste for all shatter connoisseurs.

Strawberry Cough Live Alchemy - Evolab

A potent sativa strain with sweet hazy notes reminiscent of fresh berries. It’s cerebral effects inspire creativity and result in a wonderfully euphoric experience. Evolab Live Alchemy is made using the finest full spectrum CO2 distillate plus strain specific live-extracted terpenes to create a profile that is identical to the original flower.

Tangie Power - Live, Full Spectrum Extract Cartridge - Verde Natural - Fuego Extracts

FUEGO's Live, Full Spectrum Extract cartridges are made using Verde Natural's organically fed, living soil grown cannabis. We immediately freeze our strains at their peak prior to hydrocarbon extraction for the highest retention of natural terpenes. Tangie Power is dominated by myrcene, ocimene and limonene, providing both mental clarity and physical motivation, in addition to a smooth, sweet citrus flavor.

Chem De La 91 Live Headstash Rosin - Lama Brand/Bgood

Chem De La 91 is a cross of two Chem legends, the Chem de la Chem and the Chem 91 by Top Dawg Genetics, Top Dawg Seeds.  This pheno was selected by Lama Brand and washed and squished by the solventless master Kennnwall.  The best of the best trichome heads were selected for the squish.  This pheno leans towards the 91, with a gassy, rubber flave!

Rook - Native Roots

Native Roots' pre-rolled hemp blunt, the Rook, features a tobacco-free and nicotine-free hemp blunt cone. The Rook delivers a classic smooth, slow-burning blunt experience with flavorful hints of Cacao, Vanilla, and Maté Tea. Find The Rook exclusively at Native Roots.

ICE Topical - Sweet Mary Jane

A soothing topical made with organic beeswax and virgin coconut oil infused with the calming effects of natural peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus. 150mg CBD : 100mg THC

FIRE topical - Sweet Mary Jane

A relaxing topical made with organic beeswax and virgin coconut oil infused with the warming effects of natural cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper, ginger and cloves for a calming effect. 150mg CBD : 100mg THC

Robhots Gummies - Focused Labs FLO

Robhots gummies are the best option for the sweet-tooth edible connoisseur. Crafted with FLO’s premium distillate, each 10mg gummy is sure to pack a punch!  Robhots are exceptionally consistent and flavorful. Available in a variety of multi-flavored packs with over 15 flavors total, try one today!

Pyramid Gold - Blueberry Headband - Pyramid

Simple and clean, Pyramid Gold brings the same strain-specific quality as all of our products to a purely CO2 extracted concentrate. Blueberry Headband provides an excellent example of our gold oil with its strong sativa high and sweet peppery flavor.

1g Distillate Dispenser - 1:1 Refined Cannabinoids - Nomad Extracts

The perfect combination of refined cannabinoids. Our 1:1 distillate is fully activated & refined at a molecular level to ensure both purity and consistency. With average total cannabinoids ranging from 95-99%, this isn't your run of the mill distillate. Always free of plant by-products & cutting agents. The universal application makes our borosilicate dispenser an extremely efficient method for consuming cannabinoids, whether vaping or consuming orally.

Double Bear Glaciers - Double Bear Glaciers

A refined product where the THCA has undergone a re-crystallization process as to isolate the individual molecule to top levels of purity, capable of reaching 99%+. A very fast and quick head rush, noted similar to being like that of an intense sativa.

Rocky Mountain Black Fire/Golden Newt Caviar - Newt Brothers Artisanal

This Golden Newt Caviar is a departure from your normal caviar experience. We hand craft small batches using only the highest quality flower from our clean-room garden. The Rocky Mountain Black Fire is an in-house cross that has a sweet licorice aroma mixed with a wonderful earthy musk. This delicious flower is then coated with our our premium live concentrate. To finish off, we dust the caviar in the finest micron dry sift keif... Experience the Fire Today!

The Wife's Lemonade - Terrapin Care Station

What happens when you cross 2 of Terrapin Care Station's favorite CBD strains The Wife and Lemon G? The Wife's Lemonade! This strain is for those looking for a true CBD experience, taking after its father "The Wife", it tests less than 1% THC and over 20% CBD!  Its mother, Lemon G, usually a 1:1 THC:CBD strain, shows itself in the aroma creating a unique and enticing smell of Lemon and Pine. Try this strain on its own or mix it with one of your favorite high THC strains for a more balanced effect.


Still a rare strain in Colorado, Dosidos is a cross of OGKB x Faceoff OG. Trichomes sparkle against a purple background, creating a luminosity you have to see to believe! The smell of cookies in the jar changes to Star Anise, upon cracking open a nugget. Taste & effects are smooth right to the end, like most great "cookies" this will leave you wanting more!

Mandarin Cookies - Native Roots

A cross of the award-winning parents, forum cut cookies and mandarin sunset. She has it all - great yields, stunning flowers, rich in terps. Saturated with the citrus essence of orange and lime, with earthiness and a light pine scent on this pheno. Very high calyx to leaf ratio which produces a nice clean burning and pleasant smoke. The bud structure is very dense and is entirely coated in resinous trichomes which adds a nice luster to the lime green and eggplant colored sugar leaves.

Tangerine Haze - Lama Brand/Bgood

Legendary cross of Soma's Original NYCD and G-13/Haze.  The Tangerine Haze is a great day time strain, with a clear, focused effect and a nice head and body buzz.  Citrus and Tangerine Terps for days!!

www.seedandsmith.com - NectarBee by The Green Solution

Whether you’re on the slope, a construction site, or the gym, it won’t take long to find someone heralding the impact this balm has on their life. Using a blend of CBD oil, coconut oils, cayenne, menthol, and essential oils, this balm is beyond comparison with typical, pharmacy balm.

Dabaratus - Bakked

Sativa Banner AFC: The Dabaratus is loaded with terpene-rich distillate and provides a clean 1-click solution for dabbing. Dab directly on your nail, dress a joint, line a blunt, top a bowl. Ooze it almost anywhere.

Drink It: The Coffee - Canyon Cultivation

This product write-up offers endless opportunities to talk about buzz and coffee and THC. We’re above that. Just know that this is really good coffee blended with really good THC. Ready to drink Recreational only dosed at 10mg per unit.

Bomb Pop - Pyramid

While still in preproduction, Pyramid has gifted us with an insight into their new “Burst” line. This Bombpop flavor has summer vibes written all over it. With hints of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry your taste buds will be begging you for more.

Tangie - Evolab

With a refreshing tangerine aroma and sweet flavor, Tangie is a balanced hybrid with incredibly high terpene content. Processed with Evolab’s proprietary CO2 technology, the full terpene profile is captured in this Alchemy™ Cartridge. Like all Evolab extracts, there are no artificial cutting agents or solvents.

Original cheese - Allgreens

Using just Ice and Water to isolate the Trichomes, then drying and preserving them in the best possible way we know.  Selecting only the perfectly terpene filled, all to bring them to you just like they are right off the living plant.    

Bejinho - Binske

The Portuguese word meaning “a baby kiss,” Beijinho is a cross of fruity juice, pure Afghani indica and pure Thai sativa. Beijinho is a large-leafed, thick-stemmed plant with colors of green and purple. Once broken up, colors of lavender, orange, and amber-purple float throughout the trichome heads and into the stems. Scent is tangy and sweet, sort of like fruit punch and lemons, to a blend of piña colada and plums.


Suggested Musical Pairing: “Cisco Kid” by WAR.

Lemon G - OLIO

“The Lemon G is a brassy Au Pair who slaps you in the face on your first meeting. A surprisingly sour flavor reminiscent of bitting into a lemon rind greets you and stays with you for several moments after the exhale. The high is exuberant, playful and focused. In all forms, Lemon G is an institution.” -Samuel McDuffee

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